Children in Skyrim, mods will grant violent wishes

As most of you are already aware, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim will introduce children NPCs to the game but your character will not be able to harm them in any way, just like Fallout. However, it looks like fans are taking that as a challenge as one video we’ve seen shows what happens when a player and a rather annoying Skyrim NPC child come to meet for the very first time.

Picture this scenario for a minute: You are tired after a long session on Skyrim after walking many a mile on foot and almost coming within near-death after various encounters with a few inhabitants on the mountains. You come across a church on your travels and upon entry, you notice a child walking around called Nelkir and the first thing he says to you is:

”Another wanderer, here to lick my father’s boots. Good job.”

You are now posed with two opinions. Option one, compose yourself and brush the hugely sarcastic comment aside and act like a gentleman around the boy, or option two, immediately draw your sword and remind the little snapper who he is dealing with, as Dragonborn licks the boots of nobody.

As you may have guessed, the user in the video below picked option two and proceeded to chase the boy around the church hungry for his blood after his comments. As Bethesda promised though, you’ll find that child NPCs are immune to damage and you won’t be able to harm them in any way – no matter how much they provoke you in game. Worse yet, anyone spectators who see child violence happening will immediately start attacking you, as you see that our hero quickly becomes outnumbered by the locals and within a few seconds you are dead.

We’re guessing that the majority of you would have chosen option two here in this situation nine times out of ten, so are you a little frustrated that you won’t be able to kill children in the game or not? Obviously Bethesda’s actions are clearly understandable in today’s fragile industry as critics look to jump on anything controversial in a flash and it just isn’t worth the hassle for Bethesda if they enabled this.

Having said that, you can bet that someone will eventually go along and create a PC mod solely allowing your character to kill child NPCs if he wishes to. If such an add-on came along, would you download it in an instant? Don’t forget that there’s a video walkthrough guide here if you missed it last time.

Would you have killed the boy in this situation or not?



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