Best gun in MW3 – Your weapons list and perks setup

By Alan Ng - Nov 8, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 is finally here. We’re guessing that most of you are just spending the first few hours on the game now after picking it up at a midnight launch, but there are also a lot of you who picked up MW3 early.

If you have gone straight into multiplayer, we want to know which guns stand out from the rest at the moment, and your list of best weapons and perks for the game. As stated numerous times before, we do this with every Call of Duty game released (BOps here, MW2 here), so now it is time for fans to list their best weapons, highest kill / death ratios and strategies for Infinity Ward’s third Modern Warfare 3 game.

From our initial feedback on the game so far, it looks like the Type 95 assault rifle is proving to be a popular early choice for MW3 fans. Similar to the FAMAS, it is a three-burst rifle which has the ability to take an opponent out with just one burst. For those few who have even reached level 50 on multiplayer already, you’ll be delighted to hear that the fan-favorite ACR is once again featured in MW3. This was one of the most popular weapons in MW2, and we’re willing to bet that most of you will choose the modified ACR 6.8 rifle in MW3 as your choice for best gun at the moment.

So what about your best perks as well? It may be too early to tell since this requires a good playthrough of the game, but two possible candidates for best perks in MW3 could be the Blast Shield, which provides resistance against Flash and Concussion grenades and also Marksman, which identifies targets at long distance.

If you want to share your input on this, list your best weapons, perks and equipment below using our traditional format. I’ll put an example for you below to get you started. Is Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer the best Call of Duty game to date? We look forward to hearing your expert setups.


Primary – Type 95
Secondary – Five-Seven

Lethal – Claymore
Tactical – Trophy System

Perk 1 – Scavenger
Perk 2 – Blast Shield
Perk 3 – Marksman

Do you have a more successful setup than this? Share yours below!

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  • AJ Alexander

    Primary—MK14 RapidFire/Silencer
    Secondary—Five Seven Tac. knife
    Lethal—Throwing knife or Claymore (i use claymore)
    Tactical—Flash Grenade or Tac. insertion (I use tac. Insertion)
    Perk 1—Scavenger
    Perk 2—Hardline
    Perk 3—Stalker
    Kill streaks (Assault)—Preditor Missle, Battle Hind, MOAB

    I get 4:1 K/D Ratios everytime…..I play drop zone, kîll confirmed, n domination 😀


    also that’s my Xbox live name so send me a friend recrest please


    best class i have available: primary acr.6.8 secondary 44.magnum perks scavenger quickdraw and dead silence. c4 and tac insertion death streak martyrdom strike pack slight of hand assasion and hardline hope this helps Shapedcaesar266.


    scar-l w/ acog,supressor. Sec; smaw,
    P1:SOH, P2: QDraw. P3: sitrep.
    Support Advance uav stelth bomer emp
    death: martydom

  • OmgItShuner

    My class is m4a1 with attachments with grenade launcher, heart beat sencer
    Secondary weapon is the Usp.45 with tac. Knife. Lethal is throwing knife,
    Tac. Is smoke grenade. My perks are scavenger pro, hardline pro, and steady aim pro. My strike package is assault and they are uav, predator missile and air strike. My death streak Final stand.

  • ”Soap” John Mactavish

    I like UMP45 silencer rapid fire Sleight of Hand hardline sitrep all pro get about 34 kills
    and 15 daeths

  • Me

    You r all bollox

    Acr6.8 acog scope and grenade launcher
    Ump45 range and rapid fire
    Sleight of hand
    An stalker

    • AJ Alexander

      I Have a similar class too, just i get rid of acog and put HB Sensor and have a Spas12 With damage proficiency and Extended mags XD

  • TYPE95SucksASS

    I use
    G36C Red Dot
    Five Seven Tact knife
    Tact Insert/Portable radar (I switch them around)
    Scavenger pro
    Assassin pro
    Sitrep pro.
    I get Moabs with this class.
    Also moabs were killstreaks you earn with a type-95/Fmg9s are nothing to brag about.. Anyone could get a moab with that class. 2 Weapons that shouldn’t have been added to the game..

  • firevorm

    acr 6.8 (supressor and red dot)
    stinger launcher
    1st scavenger
    2nd hardline
    3rd sitrep
    balistic vest,SAM turret,stealth

  • Djmoney107

    Primary: MP7/silencer and rapid fire
    Secondary: FMG9 akimbo
    Lethal: C4
    Tactical: PORTABLE RADAR
    Strike Package: SUPPORT
    Death Streak: FINAL STAND

    I always get over 50 kills with this class in demolition! hope this helped!

  • Anomus

    Primary: GR36 silencer kick
    Secondary: Mp9 akimbo
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactial: Flash
    Perk1: Blind Eye Pro
    Perk2: Assasin Pro
    Perk 3: Sitrep Pro
    Support: Uav Airdrop trap And stealth bomber
    Deathstreak: Juiced

    When i need to go try hard:
    Primary : Mp7 rapid fire silencer attachments
    Secondary: FMG9 akimbo
    Lethal: C4
    Tactial: Flash
    Perk 1: Blind Eye Pro
    Perk 2: Assasin Pro
    Perk 3: Sitrep Pro or Sometimes Dead silence bcz i have a headset
    Strike package: Assault : Predator, Attack helicopter, ac 130.
    Death Streak: Final Stand

    (I use this when i get really pissed off ;P )

  • Pcguru7

    Primary: ACR 6.8 Red Dot and Silencer
    Secondary: MP9 Silencer
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: EMP Grenade
    Perk 1: Sleight of Hand Pro
    Perk 2: Assassin Pro
    Perk 3: Stalker Pro
    Strike Package: Specialist Hardline Quickdraw Blind Eye
    Death Streak: Hollow Points
    I get about 20 kills with this class no lie its awesome!

  • Arazos

    I dont use it anymore but you guys should try the FAD again with a silencer and kick or a silencer and a heartbeat sensor if you dont have a portable radar

  • Arazos

    just make sure you put a silencer on whatever gun you use

  • Arazos

    get a portable radar if you want to be like me Im top in mw3