ASUS Transformer Prime delayed for Ice Cream Sandwich

By Gary Johnson - Nov 8, 2011

We told you about a new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer was on route last month when the company put up a teaser video for the tablet PC. Now we have news that ASUS Transformer Prime may have been delayed to wait for Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to reports on SlashGear Google has agreed to work with ASUS to develop Android 4.0 to work on the Tegra 3 based tablet PC. Sources are claiming that Google have made the move to try and persuade ASUS from concentrating on Windows 8 tablets.

Sources are also claiming that Google have been ignoring Taiwanese brands by not giving much assistance with upgrading Android Honeycomb devices to the new OS. But there are some Windows 8 tablets on the ASUS horizon for the latter part of next year, so it may seem if Google is trying to gain favor with the company

Presently Honeycomb tablets haven’t set the world on fire regarding sales, and it is thought there are only around six million such devices out in the wild. It was originally rumored that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime was set to launch on November 9th. This was after a leaked roadmap and the fact the device had been spotted clearing the FCC, along with the Tegra 3 processor from NVIDIA.

Now sources are claiming the tablet PC will be available at the beginning of December just in time for Christmas. This delay may be disappointing for some but at least it will launch with ICS instead of having to wait for an update.

Are you thinking of getting the ASUS Transformer Prime?

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  • Since it is rumoured that this will be launching in the US first and other areas later, this pushes the Rest Of the World launch out so late that they will lose of lot of Christmas sales. Whilst I can see the value in launching with honeycomb, the loss of the Christmas sales to a rival tablet will be a high price to pay.

  • Frank Conitcello

    I was waiting for this tablet but dut to this delay may just go with the IPad

    • tweeter

      Bet you can wait for 3 or 4 weeks to have a tablet superior to any other one on the market right now… in many ways superior to the march2012 ipad as well.

    • Ipilot

      Seems like the standard answer from iPad fans….As if they were ever seriously considering Android. It would take a LOT more than 3 week OS availability window to have me making such a flippant choice. To each their own I guess.