Android fragmentation issues to continue after ICS?

By Gary Johnson - Nov 8, 2011

We recently reported on the fragmentation issues surrounding the Android platform, with some handsets seemly ignored by certain manufacturers not long after being launched. Now we have reports that Android fragmentation issues are set to continue even after Ice Cream Sandwich is launched.

Only yesterday we gave you the news that HTC had taken to its Facebook page to announce the first range of devices to be getting the update. But as Electricpig are reporting that there are still a lot of HTC handsets not mentioned to be getting the update.

This could be just one reason why fragmentation is set to continue as currently there was no word on the Desire S and Wildfire S. Both of these handsets are not exactly old so you would have thought they were capable of running ICS.

Google have stated themselves that they are trying to find a fix to this problem, and have said it will ensure new handsets will work with upgrades 18 months after they have been released. Manufacturers and networks agreed to this idea, but it now looks like it may not be working completely.

As the new HTC handsets have to wait until early 2012 for the ICS update, it makes you wonder how long older devices have to wait. If Android 4.0 doesn’t reach older devices until spring 2012 we will already talking about the next version of the OS. This is similar to what has been seen with the upgrade from Froyo to Gingerbread with some handsets only just receiving the upgrade if at all.

Other companies such as Samsung are also slow in upgrading their devices. The Galaxy S II is certainly no slouch but it won’t be seeing ICS until Q2 2012, and this is despite the same company making the first Android 4.0 handset the Galaxy Nexus.

Google needs to get this sorted and this issue is certainly one bragging right that users of the iPhone have over Android users. Does the slow release of Android updates annoy you?

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  • Davdsung1628

    It definitely ANNOYS me, I am waiting for Microsoft OS phones have more softwares and ability to handle Chinese handwriting Input efficiently. I believe will do better in updates, since Microsoft will provide the update and unlike Android-it relies on the phone Manufafctures. I will definitlely make the switch if the following happens:
    1. Iphone is unlocked and replace the micro sim with regular sim (I do not need to scramble and cut the regular sim when I travel and use the local card). All the prepay phone card are in regular and no micro sim card.
    2. Microsoft provide handwriting input (Chinese) in their OS.

  • Yes they are annoying me for sure, just bought de Galaxy S2, i need the update, hope that android dont become like those apple updates which are really pain for users…