New gameplay suggests Modern Warfare 3 is too easy

We are just hours away from the official launch of Modern Warfare 3 around the world and before that happens, we have a collection of gameplay videos to show you, some of which you probably haven’t seen before as it shows some early footage from multiplayer from some users that already have the game.

We won’t get into the fact that a lot of you are already playing MW3 as everyone knows the game leaked early, but you will be interested in the gameplay clips we have to show you. MP1st has rounded up the videos, which show off gameplay from all 16 maps that will be featured in Modern Warfare 3 mutliplayer.

For example, you will probably have seen the first video on their website which shows some Capture the Flag gameplay on Dome, but the Invention gameplay shown below this post is brand new and previews some Domination gameplay for you to check out.

For those of you who are interested in seeing the new London Underground map in action, we have gameplay of this to show you as well, although there isn’t any actual shooting going on, but rather a tour around the map which is still handy.

The last video that we want to upload here is taken from Seaview, as we’re guessing that not a lot of you have seen or heard much of this map yet. One thing that does seem quite frequent in all of the gameplay videos, is the ease of which you can kill your opponent – it looks like you can kill anyone with just a few bullets, rather than firing a whole clip like you may have seen more of in Black Ops for example.

We’re interested in your thoughts on this one, so watch the new clips below and tell us if you are worried about how easy it is to kill opponents in MW3 or not. Is the game too easy in your opinion?



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