MyFord Touch update to fix owners woes

By Gary Johnson - Nov 7, 2011

Technology has come a long way in recent years with regards to autos, and mainly ideas that improve as well as save lives. Things do have the tendency to go wrong though especially if you’re a Ford owner with the touchscreen control units that have been plagued with problems. Now we have news of the MyFord Touch update that should fix owners woes.

The Guardian are reporting that Ford have announced it will send out memory sticks to 250,000 customers in the US, which will provide a software upgrade for the system. They will be sent out early next year to consumers with MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch. Owners can update the system themselves or dealers will do it for free, and can be done in about 45 minutes.

Ford has yet to decide how it will provide the upgrade to the 200,000 users outside of the US, and says it doesn’t know of any other car manufacturer that has allowed owners to upgrade their own software on such a scale.

Issues with the system have seen Ford slip down in owner’s ratings, and recently we told you how the Consumer Reports rankings had seen Ford slip to 20th place. The system has been designed to allow owners to control a whole host of functions such as climate via a touchscreen. On lower specified models the system is a $750 option and can be found on models such as the Focus and the Explorer.

Trouble is there have been numerous complaints of the system shutting down without warning, not understanding voice commands, and not responding to touch commands. Ford had previously got dealers to take care of four software updates, but soon realized more needed doing.

The update will bring with it simpler screens with larger text and shading to define buttons, and also better voice recognition. There is also less chance of the system shutting down and it also responds to touch commands more quickly.

Ford is also thinking of bringing back volume controls and tuning knobs, as many owners don’t like using a touchscreen for these functions. Have you used the MyFord Touch system?

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  • Carolynn

    I got this information from my dealership today as well and can only hope it fixes all of the problems I am having with my SYNC system!  I bought a 2012 Ford Focus in August and the system has not worked properly since Day 1.  I have had it in service several times and they finally told me there would not be a fix until March 2012..yikes! The system freezes daily, will not reset, and does not shut off even when the car has been turned off.  It also causes other features of the car (a/c, heat) not to work.  Ford’s response to my issues has been very dissappointing and the people at Ford Customer Care have been rude…a don’t call us, we’ll call you attitude!  If it were economically viable, I would get rid of this car!  Hopefully, Ford is now disclosing to future buyers of the flaws of this system!  Ity is one of the selling features of the car and you would expect it to work correctly or that there would be a timely fix for it.  Would never buy a Ford again after dealing with this car and the company!