MW3 live action trailer is better than Skyrim and BF3 trailers

By Jamie Pert - Nov 7, 2011

There are lots of ways to promote a game’s upcoming release, however lately we have seen lots of companies opt for a live action trailer to really help build the hype. We have just come across the official Modern Warfare 3 live action trailer video and have to say that it is the perhaps the best to date.

Anyone who checks Product-Reviews regulalry for gaming news will have seen our article where we claimed that Bethesda’s Skyrim live action trailer puts EA’s Battlefield 3 live action trailer to shame, well scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the hilarious new Modern Warfare 3 live action trailer.

In the video you see Sam Worthington (Marcus Wright from Terminator Salvation) train a noob played by Jonah Hill (Seth from Superbad), as you can imagine the video is very comical, but also highlights similar experiences which noobs face when they sign in to multiplayer for the first-ever time (we’ve all been there).

Throughout the video you see the noob struggling, at one point he meets his fate thanks to a bouncing betty and he also try his luck with an RPG. Towards the end of the video he is finally getting the hang of things, he takes out a group of enemies with his assault rifle, pistol, some frag grenades and even a throwing knife – the video finishes before he calls in his care package and whatever other killstreak rewards he earned for this and we simple see text reading “There’s a soldier in all of us”

Check out the video for yourself below, do you agree that this is the best-ever live action trailer?

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  • Tony

    Bad ass trailer!

  • load of crap i could have took jonah hill and made a kinect game look good

  • Dave

    Who really cares about the trailer? It’s the game itself that matters, not the trailer. And from what I’ve seen, Skyrim beats them both.

  • Wicked

    I bet they blew 10 times as much money as anyone also….stupid FPS….stupid COD fanboys. They could have just put a number three sticker over the two on the last game and sold that to the idiots. In fact; I bet that’s what they did.

    • Beta233

      no need keep the opinions to yourself and you are clearly interested in the games or you wouldn’t post comment’ s like this

  • Guest

    It may be the best but it’s most likely the most expensive to date, as well.