GTA V DLC ideas: Red Dead Redemption influence

By Jamie Pert - Nov 7, 2011

Now that we know Grand Theft Auto V is being developed we can’t wait to see how Rockstar builds upon the success of such an iconic video game series. In our opinion one thing which could be better this time around is downloadable-content – today we will look into what GTA can learn from Red Dead Redemption’s DLC.

These days game developers can make lots of extra income by releasing add-ons for games, however the last Grand Theft Auto game, GTA IV, only featured two add-ons, we really think that in this day and age consumers will want more – do you?

A lot has changed since GTA IV arrived back in 2008, this was evident last year when Rockstar released Red Dead Redemption and saw great success with the DLC which was rolled-out over Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, especially when the Undead Nightmare pack was unleashed. To this day this is regarded as one of, if not the best-ever game add-on of all time (IGN scored it 10/10) – perhaps a similar zombiefied pack could hit GTA V.

It is not just the Undead Nightmare pack which sold well, Outlaws to the End, Legends and Killers, Liars and Cheats, the Free Roam Pack, the The Hunting and Trading pack and the Myths and Mavericks Bonus Pack were all popular, and here’s why. Not only did these add-ons bring more missions to the game, but also we got new multiplayer game modes, multiplayer characters, challenges, locations, weapons, outfits and much more.

Now let’s compare that to what GTA IV’s add-ons brought to the game. The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost and Damned add-ons were both pretty popular, however these were just new side-quests and incomparable to RDR.

In our opinion people will love to see Red Dead Redemption-like DLC for GTA V, this could unlock stupidly powerful new weapons, fast vehicles, more multiplayer modes and much more. Perhaps Rockstar could finish things off with the GTA V Undead Nightmare where hordes of flesh-eating zombies attack you from every direction.

Do you think GTA V needs RDR-like DLC?

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  • Ephrom Coffey

    Look it is the same universe right? Red Dead Redemption and GTA. well if their is one main character what if his ancestor is John Marston. On Undead Nightmare it was a mask that was stolen…so what if the mask was stolen again? It would cause a zombie outbreak. I mean come on its not that hard.

  • How can you refer to ‘The Lost and Damned’ and ‘Ballad of Gay Tony’ as side-quests? They were full and unique story modes, simply utilizing the GTA: IV map. Personally, I enjoyed the DLC more than the main story.

    Red Dead Redemption is a superb game but was ‘Undead Nightmare’ really necessary when we have the ‘Left for Dead’ & ‘Dead Rising’ franchises? Rockstar are unmatched when it comes to open-world GTA-style games; game developers should stick to what they do best. Maybe if Red Dead was re-released with all the DLC, like ‘GTA: IV & Episodes from Liberty City,’ at a comparable price, my point of view would waver slightly.

    I expect great things from GTA: V but I won’t get my hopes up for a decent multiplayer mode, which I found GTA: IV severely lacking. A drop in/drop out multiplayer option for the main story would be amazing!

  • supra

    Can we have SOMETHING else besides zombies? its the most done to death thing to date. At least a rioting city would be better. If they made dlc for 5, it should be about gangsters. That’s what most people loved about SA, but it kinda lost my interest when you had to go to san fierro and las venturas. The story just spiraled after that.

  • Mjmohanlon

    forget the zombies what about a post apocalypse gta world

  • Paintrain

    This article Is horrible and it was clearly not researched at all did you even play the games or at least talk to someone who did play them?

    The undead nightmare pack is a clear copy of gta IV dlc in the fact it was a brand new campaign and also a stand alone game.

    The ballad of gay tony and the lost and the damned where both before undead nightmare and both full fledged new campaigns with brand new missions and protagonist and intertwined story line not merely side quests as you put it.

    And all rdr redemption dlc excluding undead nightmare did not bring new missions to the game they where multiplayer add ons completely separate from single player.


  • Robert Ludwinek

    In my opinion it would be AWESOME to have an Zombie Pack for GTA, it would be so fun. Other dlc’s i’d like to see are crazy ones like massive weapons, fast cars or a new story, that would also be cool

  • Idonthave

    Very lame article. The GTA IV DLC’s were/are FULL FLEDGED stand alone games that add depth to the grand story. Don’t assume all players care about is few new cars and weapons. The RDR DLC, while pretty decent, were nothing special. They cater to the multiplayer fans and the crazy Zombie this-Zombie that media boom.

  • Liam

    There is to many zombies these days I did love undead nightmare and both gta Ivs expansions I would like to see some thing like the two fo gta iv more though maybe rockstar should do zombies and ones like those in gta iv both would be cool

  • Anonymous

    You’re a complete moron. GTAIV episodes are objectively deeper than Undead Nightmare was. It was just a few zombie side quests. GTAIV dlcs had a handful of entirely new characters, new radio channels with 100 new tracks, new tv shows, new websites, new dates, new weapons, vehicles, and so on. They are the most expensive DLCs ever created and by far the most significant. Together they matched the original campaign in scope and they had some of the most interesting characters in gaming history (gay tony and yusuf amir). Zombies are a huge cliche and I don’t want a cheap zombie mode in gtav. RDR was 10% of the game GTAIV was, though it is my second favourite game ever.

  • Niko Bellic

    Every time I get brought to this website, there’s a crappy article that’s poorly written.

    I could tear this article apart, but that would take too long and I don’t feel like wasting my time.

  • Sarah

    I bought GTAIV on Xbox 360 for the downloadable content. It was released early on Xbox 360 and it was worth it. Loved it. Ballad of Gay Tony is one of the best downloadable content for a game. I bought Red Dead Redemption, finished it in two days and never bought any downloadable content for it. I have absolutely no interest in undead zombies. I do not think GTA V needs RDR like DLC at all. 

  • Jas

    it would be cool to have zombies in a city