Firefox 8: Manual Download Link and problems after installation

We have some great news for those of you who patiently waiting for Mozilla to release the latest version of their popular Firefox web browser. The new build isn’t expected to go live for a few days, but we can tell you that the download is already available now online.

It was only a month and a half ago that we were all enjoying Firefox 7 for the first time, but Mozilla is now back with new and improved features for Firefox 8 and thanks to their FTP servers, the download is already available early for those that just can’t wait for the official release date – November 8.

Interestingly, one of the new features in Firefox 8 is a new Twitter search bar, adding further significance to the growing power of social media websites these days. Also new is third party program add-ons being disabled by default, although you can simply turn these back on in settings if you wish.

You’ll find that there are new tab animations when organising your tabs, and there’s the usual increase in stability, performance and memory handling that often comes with every new build of Firefox.

If you want to try this out now, head to Mozilla’s official FTP server here. Firefox 8 is available to download now for Windows, Mac and Linux as well. Simply select your OS of choice, then select the country folder that corresponds to your location – most likely to be en-GB or en-US. And that’s it – just wait for the download, install it and you’ll now be running the very latest version of Firefox!

Since this download has only gone live within the last few hours, we doubt that many of you will have had the chance to experience any major bugs that are already present in the new version. However, there are bound to be problems as it happens every time a new version comes out, so we’re eager to see if there’s any initial problems that some of you are facing after having installed the new version.

Download the new version now and let us know what you think about it – have you found any problems yet?



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