Skyrim walkthrough guide: Six hours of non-stop gameplay

By Alan Ng - Nov 6, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are looking for another good look at Skyrim before the game releases on 11.11.11 – ie, next week! We have found a series of walkthrough videos which provides over 6 hours of non-stop, solid Skyrim action.

Obviously this video will contain major spoilers about the game, as it looks like it is a continuous walkthrough video from start to finish with the uploader adding even more footage to this as we speak. So if you don’t want to see any of the game before the game launches next week, is it best to avoid the following link we’re going to give you.

For everyone else though that just wants to see some new gameplay regardless, we can lead you to GameAnyone here, as they have uploaded hours and hours of new content for the game, including character creation at the start of the game and also encounters with chickens which we don’t really want to spoil for everyone.

Having said that, as the author rightly points out in Part 1 of the walkthrough ‘It’s freakin’ Skyrim‘, so we do feel that a lot of you will want to see more of this game before release. For those of you that are wondering, we can confirm that this is the Xbox 360 version of the game, and on their video browser, you’ll see that you can change the video quality to high definition under the video, in case you see that the graphics shown here are looking a bit suspect.

At the moment, there are eleven parts available to view on the website, but as we mentioned above, don’t be surprised if even more parts are added as you are watching. It’s a good idea to open up several parts at once if you plan to watch, as the buffering speed is pretty slow to say the least. Judging by the view count besides the video, there’s thousands of you watching this so obviously theres a good majority of people that don’t mind seeing any spoilers.

Watch the footage through the link above and let us know what you think about it. Did you find any new juicy details that you want to share with us, or are you simply too scared to watch it over fear of spoiling your Skyrim ‘surprise element’ when the game comes out? On a side note, you can find information on Werewolves here, a full set of perk tree abilities here and also a debate on Dragon Armor here.

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  • Anonymous

    The walkthrough on GamesAnyone has been taken down till the 11th. To be honest, I don’t really see the logic in publishers removing any leaked video before release. The only way I think it could really hurt them is if the videos revealed that the game was terrible. Otherwise, nobody who was already planning on getting the game is going to change their mind after seeing a bit of gameplay, and maybe some others would be convinced to buy it.

  • thorno

    for anyone whos illegally downloaded skyrim shame on you, bethesda make an epic game and you steal their game and dont pay for it its a discrace, skyrim is one of the few games im happy to pay £40 for firstly to support bethsoft and second because its so worth the money compared to most games.

  • Dynasty2021

    Going to wait this one out till the reviews come in.

    Until they do, I’m not watching or reading anything else on Skyrim.  Much rather wait till it releases on friday.  Steam preloading helps.

    But I’ve got Dark Souls and Battlefield 3 to keep me going in the evenings, and work is crazy at the moment so the days are flying past.  Suddenly it will be the weekend and I’ll be like ”Oh yeah, time to play Skyrim, forgot about you.” 

  • Ayashe

    I’m so torn between watching these or waiting to find it all out for myself!!! ;____;

  • Mangg

    I broke poor Gameanyone’s servers.

  • Jimmy

    This game is so awesome, I cant even put it down, already logged over 24 hours on it

    • bigchiefspud

      jimmy the troll, that into a game thats not out yet your postin everywhere online

      • Jimmy

        Not a troll, but cool story bro. and must be someone else, this is my first post here, but once again cool story. and what do I care if you believe me or not. I am that into it. I’ve had it since last sunday.

    • kyle

      he’s probably got a modded xbox. i have one too. i started mine on friday

      • dan

        dont support bethsoft then just steal their game then brag about it, its shameful.

  • Emmet

    Anyone else getting the message “Cannot find video”? Has it been taken down?

    • Brosidon, King of the Brocean

      Yes- the videos have been taken down.

      • Mikey123

         The videos haven’t been taken down. It’s just our server is getting overwhelm from all the traffic it’s getting.

  • Prepared

    No more Skyrim for me until the 11th. I’m ready.