Siri might say hello on other iPhone models

By Gary Johnson - Nov 6, 2011

Since it was first released besides the recent outage of the service, Siri was been well received by many iPhone 4S users. We have reported that Siri has been ported onto the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch but unfortunately it is not ideal as it won’t work fully. Now today we have news that Siri might say hello on other iPhone models.

What will be welcome news to many iPhone owners out there, Jailbreaknation are reporting that a source has tipped them off about Apple are testing Siri on other devices. The iPhone 4 was mentioned, but it seems Apple may be testing the software on other devices as well.

So owners of older iOS devices may eventually see the Siri service land on their devices, and Apple have reportedly given employees access to a special Siri version that has some of the features but working on older iPhones. If Apple releases an official version of Siri for other iPhone models, users won’t need the port that hackers and developers are working on.

Many have thought that Apple wouldn’t release Siri for any other device except the iPhone 4S, as it is one feature the new iPhone model has that last year’s device doesn’t. But this could be changing soon and may even come in the iOS 5 update that is currently being worked on to sort the issues with battery life.

The source is claiming that Apple have also being restoring employees devices back to the stock software, as the company doesn’t want them used in public. Obviously we are not sure how true the claims are, or if Apple even plan to release Siri to other devices. It does seem hopeful though that Siri will be hitting an iPhone near you soon.

Would you like Siri on your iOS device?

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  • Drdave

    Had Siri on iPhone 4 before it was pulled.  Lots of fun and sometimes useful.  Would like it back.  Felt ripped off when it got taken away.

  • DoesWorkHQ

    I am into reviewing stuffs too. I must say that your articles here are comprehensive and informative. You might like to check my page too. Thanks! -Kara-

  • Thor0128

    I would love
    To get Siri on my iphone4

  • Duck

    Bad news for those of us who bought the 4s mostly for Siri.

  • Great news if its true ;D