Are Skyrim Werewolves quest only? New evidence and game info

By Alan Ng - Nov 5, 2011

If you didn’t already know by now, Werewolves will be featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and it has been the subject of huge excitement amongst fans. We have some additional information for you now regarding werewolves, following on from our previous coverage that we brought you during the week.

Firstly, if you want to see our previous article which first confirmed Werewolves in Skyrim, you can view that again here. We linked to a couple of leaked screenshots which showed proof of the very existance of Werewolves in the game, followed by information that the ‘Ring of Hircine’ was a key item involved.

Now, after watching some further footage of the game, it looks like, although we stress not confirmed, that Werewolves may not part of the full Skyrim game, i.e you can’t roam around the earth as a Werewolf like you would a Vampire for example.

Instead it looks like the Werewolf section of the game will only be locked down to a number of Werewolf-related quests. Again, we could be wrong here, but it’s something to bear in mind for those that are thinking you can just become a Werewolf for the rest of the game.

We also have a new screenshot of the Werewolf in action, in case you still didn’t believe the last two that we showed you. This screenshot here is taken from a part of a Werewolf quest which happens straight after the transformation process. The player is given an option on whether he wants to become a Werewolf or not, and then after a blood ritual process, you’ll become a Werewolf and then you’ll have to complete various missions, one of which is called The Silver Hand.

As for that new game information that we were talking about, we are hearing that there is an item in game that will grant you a x30 multiplier to your sneak abilities. The game will give you a x15 bonus for performing a sneak attack with a dagger, but imagine having a x30 attack whilst sneaking with the item applied – exciting news for sneak fans!

We advise you to take the Werewolf information with a pinch of salt though, as who knows, you may be granted full Werewolf capbilities in the main Skyrim game after you complete the Werewolf missions. If you have found any information related to this that may be of help, share your thoughts with us below. Also, if you missed our huge info on the full list of perk trees, check that out again here.

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  • Lauren1507

    i saw a werewolf randomly walking about on my game it was well weird, i thought it was only for the companion quests. . . o.O

  • Roydorgelo

    Wrong transforming is considered to be a power so it can be used once a day and i believe it can be used anywhere anytime its like being à lycan That you have control over it i already got THE game game got sold 4 days early in store lol and believe me being à werewolf give ALOT of satisfaction you can feel THE immense power

  • MattJRG

    If they’re not playable in the full game outside of a few quests, i’m sure a release week mod for the pc will sort the problem

  • BarackYoMama


  • Jelloismeat27

    I love the idea of this but want to play along with another person, in person, not on x box live. Is this a multiplayer game?

    • WereOrc

      No multiplayer at all.

  • Werestewart

    Will you be able to change at night only cause that’s what I want

  • BigBob

    There is a leaked video on youtube of someone equipping the ring of hircine outside of any quests and rampaging around as a werewolf. So you can change at will.

  • Readytk

    From what I’ve seen its less of a curse, more of an ability, you change into a ‘beast form’ at will, at daytime included

  • Sam

    The graphics on that photo were awful was it an xbox beta?

    • guest

      I watched the 3 min vid on youtube, he’s playing on PC, but it looks like its on very low settings.