Skyrim Dragon Armor: Locked to Smithing or available for everyone?

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2011

Earlier on we revealed to you a full set of perk abilities that can be unlocked on the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim perk tree, and now we switch our minds to one particular aspect of armor that you’ll unlock as part of the Smithing skill in the game.

It’s no secret that Dragon Armor is in the game as it has been speculated and confirmed by various screenshots weeks ago, but since the perk tree list came out and revealed some more info on the Dragon Armor, we have one talking point to discuss with you.

If you missed our earlier article about the perk tree skills list, we can tell you that getting your Smithing ability to level 100 will unlock Dragon Armor in the game, which will now be the strongest armor in Skyrim, ahead of Daedric which was the strongest gear in Oblivion.

Here’s the Dragon Armor description that you’ll get once you hit level 100 on Smithing: ‘Dragon Armor – Can create Dragon armor at forges, and improve them twice as much’

That sounds awesome obviously, but is there a possibilty that Bethesda has made the strongest armor available in the game, to only those that decide to level up Smithing? It means that for those that choose to level up other skills in the game and are not concerned about Smithing, may miss out on the chance to use it in the game.

There are other factors here to take into account such as whether players will be able to loot Dragon Armor freely, or if it will be exclusive to Smithing masters only, and the strongest armor that you can loot is Daedric. We’re not sure about you, but we kind of like this idea if that is the case. It means that players will be rewarded for spending all of their time and cash on Smithing and it will give them more of an incentive if that is the only way to obtain Dragon Armor.

What are your thoughts on this folks? If you want a lovely image of the Dragon Armor in action, there’s one here which was taken from previous footage of the game. Do you like the idea of the Dragon Armor being locked for Smithing masters only?

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  • Thereoncewasasquirrelwholives

    Daedric is the best HEAVY armor in the game
    Dragonscale is the best LIGHT armor in the game
    Dragonplate is not as good as Daedric but weighs less.
    Dragon Armor materials are easier to come by
    Dragon can be found along with every other armor(once you get to a high enough level)

  • ActuallyDragonBorn

    Daedric armor is better, but ebony is hard to come by. You’ll likely have Dragon Armor unlocked with enough bones to make a full set before you come across the 14 or so pieces of ebony ingot required to make Daedric armor.

  • Dmartell1856

    I was levelling up to 100 in smithing, but before I made it, I DID find a dragon plate armor in a dungeon (I think it was actually the shrine of Mehrunes Dagon in the museum quest).I was like lvl 96 smithing and lvl 30 overall at the time. The one I found was enchanted with restoration magic benefits, so I sold it, made my own when I did get to lvl 100, then improved it to LEGENDARY QUALITY with an armor rating of 180. 180!!! Overall armor rating now 428 with the whole dragon set improved!

  • U mad?

    I got Dragon armor, both heavy and light, and that took me only like 3 hours + killing some dragons. Really, just buy iron ore and leather strapps and do iron daggers untill you have nothing left, I got about 10 smithing levels each time I did that.

    And the funny thing is, when you upgrade the chest armor to “epic” it will have about 100 in armor rating… totally worth the time spent on mining and smithing. So it’s not that bad, really, but it would be nice if you got a set of dragon armor when you killed “The World Eater” dragon or something…

  • Adamthefox91

    dragon armor is confirmed by me   ( i have found head ) that you can loot out in the wilds at higher level

    but it is very rare to come across and finding the whole set will take alot longer ( in my opinion ) to find than  the materials and time to craft

    also ( can upgrade twice as much )   is this     you can upgrade a regular item once without training in smithing and it doesnt double stats or anything just a percentage ( can use potions and gear to give better % when smithing/upgrading ) so what it means by double upgrade is that you can then upgrade the item again another certain % depending on how high your skill is at that time

    example : iron leggings 16 armor ( not the actual number ) and i upgrade it without potions or smithing enchanted gear    it would  take it from 16 to like 18 armor

    with blacksmith potions/gear etc.  i could potentially get the same upgrade to 25 or over depending on how much my potions/gear add in %   
    ( example of potion/gear    blacksmith potion : gear you upgrade is 15% better  etc. )

    now with smithing addings double i could then take those 25 leggings and upgrade again to over 40 or something like that

    i hope this helps and i apologize if this isn’t optimally written *P

  • Hm4873

    Daedric weighs more more but has protection then dragon bone

  • Mack

    Ive already found a Dragon Plate Shield doing a random side quests, takes dragon bones or scales to upgrade it so keep all those if you are going to get your smithing to 100. I was about level 25 when I found it so maybe it starts appearing as loot then.

  • wwwSentinelwww

    You can only create Dragon Armor by smithing it. There is no way you can find it in the game. It’s fine for me, it’s hell of a legwork to create one. You are able to do it by the time you reach level 27 or so. You need tons of mining, gold, ore, ingot to hone your skill. But it’s worth every minute.

  • Luigi Pezzotta

    Marketing-wise, they would be smart by limiting dragon armor to smithing masters only, and then releasing a DLC with some kind of dungeon/vendor/whatever that offers a full set of dragon armor for everyone else. I would hate it, though.

  • Dovahkiin

    I think I saw somewhere that the Dragon armor will have a light variant and a Heavy variant. 

  • kurtis climer

    Just because you can make the armor at smithing level 100, does not mean you cant find the armor in the game. In other elder scrolls games you cant even make Armour so how else would you get it? FIND IT! And i’m sure Dragon Amour will probably me given to you during the main quest before your final assault against Alduin.

  • Anonymous

    “Dragon Armor – Can create Dragon armor at forges, and improve them twice as much”

    Seems like you can not only find, wear, and improve dragon armor before hitting 100 on smithing.  Hitting 100 on smithing means you can make dragon armor and improve the armor twice as much as you could at 99.  The other interpretation is that improving dragon armor makes it twice as effective, which would be ridiculous…

  • Jay

    You can’t *make* dragon armor until you master smithing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it, or buy it.

    The incentive to smith is in the bonuses it gives to your equipment – the dragon armor is just the cherry on top, it seems.

    I wonder what skills give perks when you master them.

  • manectric249

    I don’t know what skills im gonna focus on yet, but I assume that dragon armor will be freely avaialbe to loot without smithing. But master smithers will be able to forge it without needing to find high leveled bandits

  • stile

    It makes sense that it’d be available to Smithing, but there ought to be some sort of quest tree that allows non-Smiths to do a chain of quests for an NPC master Smith and get it that way too…

  • alex straughan

    I just hope that at no point will every bandit in the game suddenly be wearing it.

  • Limiting Dragon armor to smithing masters is genius. A clear reward for such a huge time investment. 

  • Chris

    I read that as, everyone can get/find dragon armour, and even find a vender to mend it if necessary.  But those who specialise in smithing will have the mastery to fix and improve it up to twice its standard effectiveness.  Am i alone?

    • Crickywicket

      Agreed about anyone being able to acquire dragon armor, but I don’t
      believe they would make it possible to take the “strongest armor” in the
      game and make it twice as effective at damage mitigation. I would
      understand the “improve them twice as much” statement to imply twice
      as much otherwise possible. ie, a smithing vendor/npc. I imagine
      dragon armor will be incredibly difficult to come by a means other than
      smithing ..rewarding those who choose to smith not only the luxury of
      creating all the armor at your will (as materials allow, of course), but making it stronger than those who
      neglect the profession. Then again, it’s all speculative semantics, so
      who the hell knows. 6 days, 16 hours, 1 minute

  • guest

    “Can create Dragon armor at forges, and improve them twice as much”If dragon armor is only available to master smiths, then the master smith can improve them twice as much as whom?

    • Potatoabc

      Logic FTW 🙂

    • As i understand, “twice as much”, as written in the perks’ description means that one can improve this piece of armor or weapon even more than without the perk. Because obviously one can improve any piece of smithting without the perk.

      I posess an elven shield with AR of 24 (numbers are real and correlate with my rank in smithting – 84).
      without perk of elven armor smithting improving of the shield resulted in AR29 (+5 (actually +4,5 but  something makes me think numbers are rounded, so we got 5 and resulted in 29))
      with the perk i’ve got 33 (+9)
      9 is twice as bigger than 4,5 😉

  • bluegrass

    Well, its obviously not going to be, if you look at the skills page you will unlock the ability to work with other materials at certain times as well. Does that mean only smithies will be able to use them as well? ….no. You will still be able to acquire dragon armor as loot or purchase it or whatever it may be. But I am sure that being able to work with it will not restrict it to only masters in smithing.

    • Dohvakiin


  • Kingzame

    If you think about it limiting dragon armor to smithing masters is a fine idea. Especially if smithing allows you to repair weapons and armor as well as create them as I understand it. While some people might not put all the perks into it most will most likely occasionally add one or two so they can increase the strength of their favorite weapons and armor, even light armor users will need to repair their weapons. On the other hand they won’t likely wear the heavy dragon armor and mages won’t need to bother with any armor. So as long as the Heavy Armor users who might actual use the dragon armor feel the need they should be able to get it.

    • FitoBurrito

      Smithing doesn’t repair weapons and armour. It was revealed months ago that weapon and armour degradation won’t be involved in the game.