PSN planned maintenance to bring unwelcome changes

By Gary Johnson - Nov 4, 2011

Sony has had a troubled year with the problems that affected the PlayStation Network and its falling profits. The company will be looking to turn around its finances in the coming months, and has already announced cut backs to its loss making TV division. Now today we have some news that may annoy many Sony gaming fans, as some planned PSN maintenance is going to bring some unwelcome changes.

The company recently had some planned maintenance to its PlayStation Network, and now has some more planned on November 18th that will bring with it a change to the amount of systems users can activate games too. Currently after purchasing a title users can activate the game on up to five separate systems, but after November 18th and the maintenance this will drop to only two according to a report here.

Any new game bought by gamers after this date will be restricted to two consoles, but any titles purchased previously can still be enjoyed on up to five systems. The changes look to be affecting all regions. Currently gamers can purchase a game and play it on up to five systems, which have led to many sharing a single PSN purchase across systems owned by other gamers.

The company is also making the process of deactivating games easier, as currently owners can only activate or deactivate games on the PSP or PS3. After the maintenance there will be a PlayStation Network account management website, with users getting the opportunity to manage rights there.

Sony said the changes were coming to get the balance right between consumer convenience and copyright. The timings of the PSN maintenance will be announced at a later date.

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  • Boo Boo

    Don’t know why people are moaning, you can’t share accounts on steam can you??  At least they are still letting you share with another account….

  • yet another reason i’m glad i switched to xbox 360 and pc

  • spectrum FTW

  • Markngaz

    Crap psn

  • BB

    Xbox 360 FTW!!!

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      You are an idiot.