GTA V: 2405 release date – Is May 24 fact or fiction?

As dust begins to settle over Rockstar’s stunning Grand Theft Auto V trailer, there has been a very interesting debate on whether Rockstar has teased the official release date for the game, in a cryptic manner during one part of the trailer.

If you watch the trailer back again, stop the video at the 0.50 mark and watch very closely. During the scene in which the character is putting a ‘for sale’ sign on his home, you’ll see the number ‘2405’ written on the pavement, which has led to many to speculate that this is Rockstar’s secret way of confirming a release date.

Obviously it’s just numbers at this point, but then when we found out another interesting piece of information over at Nowgamer, it started to make us think about the possibility of this date being real. The music track that Rockstar included in the trailer is called Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake’ by a band called Small Faces and do you know when this track was released? – May 24th, 1968.

Is this just a coincidence or further proof that Grand Theft Auto will release on May 24, 2012? Here’s a few other things to take into consideration – GTA IV was released on April 29, 2008 while Rockstar’s other upcoming game, Max Payne 3 will release on March 6 – surely the two games couldn’t release so close to each other right? Rockstar would not want to risk a loss of Max Payne sales with the majority of fans opting to wait for GTA V instead, if it was planned for release in May.

Don’t forget, this is all speculation at the moment and definitely by no means confirmed. Hopefully Rockstar will come out soon and put an end to this debate. But it is certainly exciting nevertheless and if it is true – then what a fantastic teaser and clever way to drop the release date.

Have you been reading the crazy speculation regarding these numbers? Do you think it is the actual GTA V release date or not?



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