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Galaxy Nexus rooted: Download and instructions for Windows, Mac and Linux

Despite the fact that the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus has yet to see a release anywhere in the world as everyone patiently waits for the device to arrive, we can confirm to you that the device has already been rooted, with considerable ease too we might add.

US consumers still do not know when they’ll be able to get their hands on the device, but Europeans will definitely get it on November 17 as confirmed a few weeks ago. As for now though, the device has been rooted by the guys over at MoDaCo, and they have provided the instructions on how to do it yourself as soon as you get your hands on one.

This is no ordinary root though, as the root provided by Paul O Brien has been labelled the ‘Superboot’ as it will allow you to root your Galaxy Nexus the first time you switch your phone on. This means that you won’t have to worry about flashing your device before hand or download and install separate files which often add to the confusion, just download his file, read the instruction and hey presto – you now have a rooted Galaxy Nexus available at your fingertips.

Although this has been deemed as a very safe root by the creator, it’s obviously not 100% confirmed that your device won’t run into problems. There are always risks when playing around with your phone’s system files so bear that in mind when you get your Galaxy Nexus and want to try this out at the first opportunity.

With that said and done, you’ll find the download link, as well as instructions on how to install on Windows, Mac and Linux over at MoDaCo here. Now we just need the device to release in the US, what are you waiting for Google and Verizon, the dust to settle on the Droid RAZR perhaps?



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