Full list of Skyrim perk trees: Skills, abilities and unlocks revealed

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2011

We recently gave you a good example of some of the perks you’ll be able to unlock for choosing your Skyrim race, but now we have exciting information for those who want to find about the skills you unlock in the new Skyrim perk tree system.

In Oblivion, you may remember that each skill perk had just five unlocks which players could get. For example, an Armorer in Oblivion would be able to unlock different skills from Novice up to Master with the best skill allowing the player to repair items with just one hammer that never breaks.

In Skyrim, Bethesda has improved on this system by adding a perk tree which offers gamers a lot more unlocks for their respective skill. We have found some very revealing information thanks to a Reddit user who already has the game and has been answering as much questions about the game as possible to eager fans.

Obviously the following information should be classed as spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what type of unlocks are featured on the perk trees, then look away now. We can tell you that the Pickpocket perk tree for example has a total of eight different abilities to unlock, and another new feature is that players will have the choice of which Pickpocket skill they want to choose when they reach a certain Pickpocket level – i.e, there’s more than one.

For example, 0-5 will unlock the Light Fingers skill, while a level 30 Pickpocket will unlock the Night Thief ability granting a 25% increase for a successful steal if the target is asleep. Level 40 will give you a choice of three different abilties – these are Poisoned, which allows you to place poisons in target’s pockets, Cutpurse which makes stealing money easier by 50% and Extra Pockets which increases your carrying capacity by 100.

Keymaster will be unlocked at level 60 and makes pickpocket keys more successful, while level 70 will give you the Misdirection ability, letting you steal equipped weapons from the target. Finally, those who become a master pickpocket and reach level 100 will get the Perfect Touch ability. This will give you the ability to steal equipped items from the target!

That is just an example of the pickpocket perk tree, but you can find the full list of skill unlocks for all the different perk trees, courtesy of Reddit user herpedyderp. We have provided links to the perk tree images that herpedyderp has drawn up to make things easier for you. Let us know what you think of the new abilities in the game.

List of Perk tree abilities in Skyrim:


Light armor





Heavy Armor












Quite a list there isn’t it guys – we’ll be providing some feedback on some of the juicy skill unlocks soon so stay tuned for that.

NOTE: We’re aware that some of the perk tree abilties are common knowledge but you’ll find that some haven’t been released yet, or do not list the full set of abilities for each perk tree.

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  • Ace_eric_99

    i got all my skills at 100 and i’m level 81. how do i get the rest of the perks?

  • Ace_eric_99

    i got all my skills at 100 and i’m level 81. how do i get the rest of the perks?

    • Dude, you don’t. You are able to have 81 perks + Quest unlockable perks in each character, but it isn’t that bad. You are able to have near (a little less then) 1/4 of all the perks, that are 251 perks in skyrim (I don’t know if this counts quest perks, but I’m certain that it counts repetitive perks, such as the first perks of one handed, archery and two handed, that have 5 perks in a rank.), I don’t know if you will be able to get more perks via DLC, but for now I think 81 perks are more than enough for me make my battle-mage Nord.

    • Tomahawk King67

       you can’t sorry you can restart and get them all again and pick moer wisly or you can survive through it

  • Already Planning

    Quick Question, due to the fact that the skill trees are in the shape of a constellation, do we have to “buy” lower tier perks at the bottom of the constellation to access the higher tier perks?  Or can we just buy whatever perk we want, regardless of its position in the constellation, as long as we have the corresponding level?

    For example, if I have level 100 Lockpicking, could I buy the unbreakable lockpick perk without buying ANY other Lockpicking perk?

    • Ghost

      Doesn’t look like it, you have to buy the lower ones to “fill in” the constellation 

    • I would dream of this. Just getting the useful perks, but it isn’t like that.

  • Herpedyderp

    This is herpedyderp, and I approve of this message.

    • Thom


  • Risingcaduceus

    No, a very nice Reddit user did. He took away time from playing the game to draw these up for those of us that are counting down until the games release. Now thank the nice man.

  • guest1111

    Did a 5 year old draw those skill trees lol?

    • SkyrimJob

      he drew them in a way that emulates the shape of each tree’s corresponding constellation, dingus