Battlefield 3 vs Modern Warfare 3: Player differences

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2011

If you have been playing Battlefield 3 regularly and are loving every minute of it, we have a very amusing article for you to check out, one which pokes fun of Call of Duty players, which many of whom are obviously just playing Battlefield 3 for the sake of it until Modern Warfare 3 releases next week.

The article in question comes courtesy of OXM and it lists various ways in which you can tell that you are playing with a Call of Duty player online on Battlefield 3. There are some pretty fun suggestions, and if you are a Call of Duty fanatic and don’t mind admitting it, you’ll probably agree with part of the list mentioned in the article.

One of the easiest ways to spot a Call of Duty player, is if you see a player trying to knife from the front. As most of you know, knifing is pretty much impossible to achieve from the front, unlike Call of Duty for example where you can knife from any given angle, and also seemingly from any distance too. Knifing has an element of skill to it in BF3 and you’ll find yourself dead quickly if you just run at somebody with a knife.

Another hilarious reason that COD players will probably agree with is ‘trying to use a shotgun like a rifle’. We agree with this 100% as well, as there seems to be a rather large amount of players that use the 870MCS shotgun in game, and try to fire off shots from anywhere. Having said that, we don’t blame them, as that shotgun is ridiculously good, the same goes for the SKS sniper rifle as well which many of you are not happy about.

Some of the other reasons include a lack of teamwork from some players, like snipers not helping to spot people, and tank drivers just grabbing the first tank from spawn and driving off without waiting for a partner – are these also ways to identify a Call of Duty player, or is this slightly harsh you feel?

While we all bask in the amusement of poor Call of Duty players, we sure that COD fans have something to say about Battlefield 3 players in exchange. Let’s take poor players from Black Ops for example since MW3 is not out yet. What characteristers do Battlefield 3 players have in a Call of Duty game that makes them stand out from the pros?

UPDATE: Just for fun – Is the chap in the video below a Call of Duty player?

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  • Austin Dancer

    Honestly, this barters down to opinion on gameplay. Do you like to fight with vehicles, helis, and jets with classes and very realistic bullet motion and physical aspects (Sprinting like a marine not a couch patatoe that gets tired after 10 secs), or do you like to fight with call of duty’s quick and man to man action with ranging differences in weapon performance and soldier abilities. I picked Battlefield 3 because it was different and new. Not because of anything spectacular up front. The graphics are different and the environment is extremely real as in an RPG can blow open a warehouse wall, or send a house crashing to the ground. This is like comparing NCAA which would be Call of Duty and Madden which would be Battlefield 3. In NCAA you get really the same thing with improvements every game with a new thought every now and again. In Madden you get a wide variety of different and new ideas, but you may not see it or it may suck for a couple of years. They are honest to God incomparable.

  • Miguel Angel Duran

    lolololol…. This dude trying to put poke fun at COD players using Battlefield as the platform for ‘experienced’ players. I could care less about COD, in fact I quit playing that game long ago (too repetitive with every release) What I can say is that I found it easier to pick up and I quickly vented frustrations instead of having long jogging sessions.

    Teamwork you say? yeah.. good luck finding a decent team on the XBL community.. Stop trying to put down COD players like they are retarded ‘inexperienced’ players, Battlefield isn’t that great of a game to be doing this anyway. There’s a reason why Black Ops and MW2 are still top two most played (XBL multiplayer), Battlefield 3 being third… lolololol ‘Alan NG’

  • Brent

    MW players must be the majority on Battlefield, then, because I see one dude in a tank ALL THE TIME!

  • Oshkubob

     I won’t be buying either to be honest. I’ve heard Battlefield 3’s campaign borrow’s heavily from COD:BoP’s campaign. (interrogated in a room and having flashbacks) I hated Black ops’ campaign, nothing takes you out of the immersion more than being brought back into an interrogation cell alive…Where’s my incentive to do well? I already know the character I’m playing as is still alive and I’m acting out his flashbacks. Cool idea, but no. Same thing with Assassin’s creed for me, i’m not immersed within the game AS that character, I’m playing flashbacks basically. MW3 will get the no go treatment from me as well, not that I think it will be a craptastic game by any means, just the fact that MW2 was 50 dollars new in store up until 2 month’s ago. That is beyond ridiculous when plenty more games came out THIS year that were better optimized with new game engines that dropped in price after 6 months. So all in all, neither one will ever grace my console.

    • Battlefield 3 didn’t borrow anything form Black Ops, BF3 was in the makings way before Black Ops came out. The story in BF3 is better than in Black ops, yes Black ops had more action but the story sucked. I’m buying MW3, just to give it a try, I have never played any of the MW series.