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Android handsets not as reliable as iPhone and BlackBerry

Since it was first launched the Android operating has grown at a tremendous rate with a wide variety of handsets available for consumers. We recently told you that it remained the biggest player in the UK having almost half of the smartphone sales in the country. Today we have some not so good news as it has been found that Android handsets are not as reliable as the iPhone or BlackBerry devices.

Research carried out by WDS has found that Android devices break down more compared to other operating systems. The inquirer is reporting that the research covered a twelve month period, and more than 600,000 technical support calls to the company. It was found that calls relating to hardware on the Android platform had the most calls.

Of all the calls received fourteen percent were for Android hardware problems, while Windows Phone 7 made up eleven percent. Apple’s iOS platform fared better with only seven percent with BlackBerry devices making up six percent. Tim Deluca-Smith of WDS stressed the findings doesn’t mean there is “any inherent fault with the Android platform”.

He added that the platforms success was proving to be challenging, and the survey hints that the often lower cost of some Android handsets were often the cause of issues. Microsoft has minimum specifications for devices on its platform, and Apple and RIM have total control that can result in fewer problems.

The main problems found with Android handsets were often related to the display and charging, and a possible cost of returning and fixing the problems with Android devices could be up to $2 billion per year. It’s not surprising to hear lower cost devices causing problems, and it has to be remembered that there are far more Android handsets out in the wild to begin with.

Have you had any issues with your handset?



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