Sprint iPhone 4S download speeds – How bad are they for you?

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

If you bought the Sprint version of the recently released iPhone 4S, there is a good probability that you would have experienced slower than normal download speeds using the company’s 3G network. After originally dismissing claims of slow speeds, the company has now admitted that there’s a problem and confirmed that they are working to fix it up asap.

Problems were first widely reported just days after the iPhone 4S went on sale, with AT&T and Verizon also offering the new device on their 3G networks. After recent studies though, it became apparent that Sprint’s network wasn’t quite up to the same speeds as Verizon and AT&T, prompting users to complain to Sprint with their findings.

Since then, those findings can now be seen at the official Sprint support boards, with one thread in particular receiving over 1200 replies and almost 250,000 views. This has now urged Sprint to come out again to discuss the speed issues, and this is what Sprint’s Fared Adib, head of product development had to say in a recent interview with CNET:

”We’re taking the reports of problems from a small number of customers seriously. There’s nothing of significance to report yet. We don’t see anything that is easily replicable.”

He also confirmed that once a specific problem is found, they will be fixing it asap, but for now it seems as if Sprint are still monitoring the problem. Surely with so many complaints on their own official boards, you would have thought that the process would be speeded up by now, as we’re sure it’s a very frustrating issue for Sprint customers given that they have waited so long for the iPhone to arrive.

If you own the Sprint iPhone 4S, let us know what your average download speeds are, and if they are really as bad as everyone is making out. Are you disappointed in the way Sprint are handling this issue, or are you confident that they’ll find the root of the problem soon?

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  • Mjforde

    .08 download and .05 upload. My buddy has the iPhone 4 on AT&T and he’s @ 3.2 download. And he’s only payin $4 a month more. Who cares about unlimited data. I’d shoot myself in the head before I ever get to 2 gb at these speeds. I’m new to sprint and I didn’t care too much about the slower network coming over. But now that I know it turns iPhones into paper weights… Goodbye sprint hello anyone else; thank god I’m still inside the 14 day mark!

  • New Sprint Customer

    I’m a first time customer with Sprint, came from AT&T and the iPhone 4 because AT&T has similar network issues. However, in my opinion, Sprint’s issues at the moment are worse. While AT&T is slow, it doesn’t completely lose a connection and maintains some consistency with its lack of high speed. Sprint’s is just wild and hard to understand. Many videos don’t buffer correctly on the phone because it seems like it gets a strong/weak signal but then rapidly switches to the the opposite. Rendering the video and phone pretty useless for anything other than voice. My speeds vary pretty wildly, and i find myself switching from the Sprint 3G network to a roaming network frequently. My own suspicion is that the network simply can’t handle the increased number of users. The reason i suspect this is because late at night, i get acceptable speeds (0.5-1.0 mbps) and during the day or peak times i get anywhere from 0.01 – 0.2 mbps which again, renders the iphone completely useless because it is a device that needs to access the internet frequently.

    I am giving Sprint one year to resolve this and  see how they manage. There are many reasons as a costumer and consumer i want Sprint to succeed. It will mean more competition and better quality in telecommunications, however, Sprint needs to address these issues and address them fast. I am totally willing to pay a termination fee and pay more with Verizon if it means i have reliable service. Hearing that they have no plans to invest in their slow 3g network because they’re focusing on 4g is not going to get any new customers coming their way.

    Only time will tell. Worse case, they fail and Verizon buys them out, that wouldn’t be so bad for Sprint costumers.

  • Qodaniel

    I love Sprint pricing plans, but 3G on Android is just as bad.  .11 MBPS Down and .03 mbps up

  • Johndis_it_Pro

    At times .1MB down and .01MB up. Fastest once was .74MP down. with full bars. Purchased yesterday Nov. 2nd.  Broke contract with USC to get this phone. Big Mistake.

  • Scorpio

    I am lucky if I get .05 Mbps download, and .03 Mbps upload…
    its unbearable.