Skyrim bombshells: Werewolves and Cannibalism confirmed

By Jamie Pert - Nov 3, 2011

The Skyrim news is coming in thick and fast ahead of the game’s 11.11.11 release date, today we can finally confirm that Werewolves will play a part in the game, which is something we previously debated about here. But that’s not all folks, we can also confirm that players will be able to turn to cannibalism if they chose to.

Let’s start with the news regarding Werewolves. As you would imagine, this is not something which Bethesda Softworks has officially announced, instead our information is sourced from a couple of leaked screenshots. The first screenshot can be seen here, it clearly shows the silhouette of a Werewolf. The next screenshot can be seen here, it shows the ‘Ring of Hircine’, which is said to give you additional werewolf transformation effects.

Again Bethesda has not officially confirmed that cannibalism will be in the game, however this NowGamer article seems to confirm it. They point out that the game’s BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) rating clearly states that in Skyrim the player can “make the choice whether to join a group of cannibals in eating human flesh”.

As you can see it doesn’t look like cannibalism will play a huge part in the game, but it at least shows that Bethesda Softworks didn’t hold back when developing Skyrim. Spoiler Alert: In the BBFC’s details it also mentions that one cutscene will show a decapitation, not only this but you will come across a female murder victim with bloody cuts across her body at some point. Unsurprisingly the BBFC gave the game a 15 rating in the UK.

So what do you think of both werewolves and cannibalism featuring in Skyrim? Let us know in the comments section below.

Want to find out more about Skyrim? Well you can see a long list of perks here, a behind the scenes tease here and 25 minutes of gameplay here.

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  • Collseth

    Does anyone have the ring of hircine??? I do!

  • griffith

    i’m itching to buy it but can’t yet. have to finish college ;P

  • JackRaven_3

    The game is out its real and if it wasn’t the game would not give u an achievement for becoming one … P.S. vampires rule all realms !-..-! Jack Raven

  • Leonard

    I played it yesterday, and I actually am a werewolf now, its really awesome

  • Alex

    you can clearly tell that werewolf was inserted from morrowind just by the way it stands so fake and its easy to add fake things to games because people pirated the game and are already probabley working on mods

    • Tony

       Lmao you ppl don’t understand we have watched real live streaming footage of the questline leading up to contracting the werewolf disease.. the using of the power to transfer into the werewolf and the playing as said werewolf for a number of hours. .. Bethesda only wanted to leave some things as a surprise for after the game was released.

    • daniel

      i actually got a link to play this from a utube vid and it was legit u kill sinding skin him bring it back to hircines shrine they forge it into saviors hide and make the teeth and claws intothe ring of hircine and another way is to go to winterhelm-join the companions guild and in the middle u get saved by farkas- a werewolf and says when u prove urself to the companions he will turn u into one

    • Collseth

      No it’s a real picture I have it and I’ve actually did the same thing that was shown in the picture inside the game, and talked to that werewolf

  • A Bryan84

    I saw the video as well at around 12 last night it was sweat, the werewolf ripped a** off 5 bandits!!!!

  • Jonathan

    lol for people dont believe this watch this video

  • Well i think Barack has officially put everyone in their place who doubted the existence of werewolves in Skyrim.

  • BarackYoMama


  • Noreturn1313

    bethesda officially confirmed the absence of werewolves in skyrim stating they didnt effectively fit into the gameplay. its highly doubtful that within the past 4 weeks they’ve coded them back into the game, solved the bugs, and done so up to the high expectations they had for themselves that originally put them off from the idea in the first place. while you have no proof of the validity of the screenshots, i also have no proof otherwise so my only comment on the matter is that the werewolf silhouette is pretty clearly out of place in the screenshot, which also doesn’t seem to match the look of skyrim’s game world in the first place. check your facts before creating hype that shouldn’t be there   :]   plz’n’thnku

    • Sfgdsfg

      My answer: THEY LIED

    • Yeah…you should just stop talking about something in which you know nothing about.

      Werewolf vids have been on YouTube and were yanked by Zenimax right away. They lied, you fell for it.

      Your ass: You like to talk out of it.

    • Crazyninja123

      Also, That sky. Look at it. Oblivion. Werewolves. HIRCINE. Know your lore.

    • Jakesnake23

      To bad I saw a video of a werewolf killing about 6 people maybe you should check your facts plznthanku

  • I think its great that they are bringing back Werewolves!! I missed them in Oblivion and found them to be awesome in the Morrowind expansion pack Bloodmoon!!! I just hope its true and you are allowed to contract the disease, the same as vampirism!!

    • daniel

      u cannot “contract it” but u… lets just say… earn it…. by beating the companions guild quest in winterhelm

  • Tony

    lol you don’t have to believe me.. but you will see after launch

  • Tony

    i just watched a leaked stream of a guy playing as a werewolf for 3 hours.. it was awesome

    • Dealer360

      from where!!!!

      • Tony

        someone streaming the game on Ustream

    • Guest

      Liar! if you’ve got no proof it didn’t happen!

    • Vezaplat

      me too!!! I was like WOW when seen it!!!There R really werewolves on this game!!!this is game of the year for sure!!! Hey Tony did the one You seen turn into a werewolf with a campanion named Alea or something!!!

      • Tony

        ya that was the stream i was watching

  • Humorguy

    I’ll bet you – no Werewolves, no playing a werewolf,and no actual eating of human flesh as and when you want  – this hype is getting ridiculous!

    • Ydocaj1996

      considering the fact that the ring in the second screenshot of the persons’ inventory added a werewolf transformation effect, I would bet that you’re wrong.

      • Humorguy

        You know how easy it to fake a screen like that?!

        • Svenhooke

          If you think its so easy then make one yourself. 

        • Locke90

          it was originally posted by a guy called scorpyon on the gamefaqs message boards he took the photo on his phone sent it to another poster on there and yeah it is true I was on that topic that day even I thought he was trolling 

    • Mike

      How is cannibalism so hard to believe when it’s in both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas?

    • Collseth

      No it’s true there are werewolves and eating flesh and being a werewolf, it’s all true

  • Chrisnortonhall

    Nice one mate. Glad to hear there back missed them in oblivion.

  • Ksamuae

    Werewolves are in i saw live streaming yesterday

    In one of the companions/warrior guild missions the player ferkas who accompanys you to retreive an item from a dungeon turns into a werewolve and kills a 5 bandits of the faction SILVER HAND

    He later says the inner circle of the companions basically captains etc all havw the power to become werewolves

    So i assume later on in the companions guild questline you will be able to become one makes sense

    Sorry to spolier but what i saw

    • Junxian

      Are you sure ???? Sound to good to be true !!! 🙂

    • Dealer360

      from where!

    • Vezaplat

      HEY!!!! I was watching the same thing you were watching the silver hand!!!! the companion!!!the werewolf!!!! AAAAWWWWWWOOOO!!!!! THIS WILL BE GAME OF THE YEAR!!!!

  • Chrisnortonhall

    thought it was comfirmed by various sources that werewolfs would be dlc content??

  • Vampwolf

    I want to be a vampwolf!!!

  • Score

    I’m impressed guys this is great news. Didn’t Pete Hines say there wouldn’t be Werewolves? He is tricksy!

  • I think cannibalism is gross, but as a werewolf, it fits! Now, the eternal question… Can we murder entire villages of children and still get away with it? See Fallout for details.

    • Anrikay

      Sorry to disappoint, but children are immortal. With cannibalism involved, I guess they thought eating the children would be one step too far.

    • Sure, if they did it in the early century, why not again now in a video game?

  • Finally

    Oh my god! News that isn’t weeks old!

    • It will be in a couple weeks, lol

      • CustardElite

        Yeah, but in a couple of weeks Skyrim will be out.

        • Bran_done_269

          6 days 5 minutes… how is that a couple of weeks?