No GTA V release date and graphics are disappointing – Harsh or true?

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

You’ve seen the new Grand Theft Auto V trailer, so what did you think of it? Were you left totally impressed with what you saw, or were you expecting more? It looks like we are heading back into San Andreas which we loved, but we can’t help but feel a little disappointed after the trailer.

The reason for this of course, is Rockstar’s lack of release date for the game. Obviously we didn’t expect the company to announce a solid release date, but an indication, such as ‘Summer 2012’ perhaps or ‘Fall 2012’ would have been more satisying for us.

However, there’s obviously a very good reason why they didn’t announce any release windows for the game, and our first guesses on this is that GTA V just isn’t ready yet. The trailer showed off a lot of exciting teasers about the game though, and although the graphics are not mindblowing or ‘next gen’ by any means, Rockstar’s new color scheme for the GTA V looks very promising and gives visuals a new sense of life compared to previous GTA games in the series.

Rockstar know just how much fans love transportation in Grand Theft Auto, and the trailer gave a glimpse of what will be on offer. We saw jet skis, helicopters and even jets this time around – how awesome would it be if you can fly jets in GTA – would you welcome that idea or is it slightly unrealistic? Hookers are inevitably back as well, as are the collection of mini games that helped make the series so popular – please let us play a round of golf Rockstar!

Back to the main point though – were you expecting some sort of release details for GTA V or not? Usually we could get a hint at the end of a trailer, but it didn’t happen unfortunately. Hopefully this trailer will be followed up by further information soon, as GTA fans are buzzing right now as everyone tries to work out who the main characters are and if old characters, such as Tommy Vercetti, C.J and Claude will be returning to GTA V or not.

What are your thoughts on the graphics too? Obviously there are clear graphical improvements from GTA IV, just look at the water splash during the jet ski scene for example – it looks fantastic. After so much speculation though that GTA V would be a ‘next-gen’ quality title, are you perhaps a little disappointed in the overall graphics of the game? As huge fans of the franchise, we definitely don’t want to sound harsh here.

[Is this Nico?]

Give us more information Rockstar, this game cannot come soon enough.

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  • Vincent Crispy

    Seriously dude, where’d you steal your literary degree from?

  • All I hope for is they get the optimization right on PC this time. Gta IV failed big times.

  • chewy2nd

    Why would it look next gen? Were still in this gen…and that isnt Niko, its the bum from the end of Ballad of Gay Tony

  • RJ

    I first saw this trailer and I instantly began my usual rounds of anticipaiton as I do with anything that catches my interest. I’ve been a long time follower of the GTA series and I can honestly admit that GTA IV was a dissapointing next-gen transition. Sure the game was fun, but it lacked those over the top elements I came to enjoy in San Andreas. I want a video game to be just that, a video game. I dont want it to be a real life simulator. I feel that the current state of graphics are realistic enough, but retain those comic undertones that have come to define the series. So Harsh.

    • Tgrailey

      so far San Andreas had the best graphics. the movement was pretty realistic. control of the vehicles was much better than any of the GTA games I played. also the characters seemed to move more fluently and realistically. The operation and movements of the fighter jets and jet-pack were very nice features. 

  • Anonymous

    One of the basic thing when writing an article, is not having a personal opinion until the very end.

    Which you fail at. Also – an article is about YOUR views on this matter, not ours.
    “It looks like we are heading back into San Andreas which (we loved), but (we can’t help but feel a little disappointed after the trailer.)(…) = your opinion.I am not diappointed at all. GTA 5 is announced, and I’m happy. The graphics looks great to be made for a console.You suck. start taking english classes again.

  • Adam1820

    What who expected a release date can i ask? Also obsy we want jets and plains whoever is sitting there saying wow this is lame why can we fly a jet…Well if you that person you most likely shouldn’t even have watched the trailer. Second the graph’s come on now they look amazing sorry it doesn’t match up to battlefield 3 on pc but i’m pretty sure people still play gta 3 and look at those graphs so like’s get over the fact that it look’s amazing

  • graphics disappointed me alot,i was very eagerly waiting for the trailer when they first announced it would be out on nov 2.i hope they customize the graphics:)expect plenty from gta5

  • therealminime

    No I didn’t expect a release date from the first trailer. When have you ever seen a release date in a trailer that is announcing the game? Be relastic. As for the graphics, it looks fantastic, and we are still many months from the release, it will only look better. It’s running on such old hardware and I think it looks great.

    I thought the trailer was perfect. It was an announcement trailer that gave us the setting and that was about it, and that’s about all we need from an announce trailer, not a release date and details on every aspect of the game.

  • Nowitzki2004

    LOL WOW!! U guys a ridiculous(mainly @ Alan Ng) The first trailer and you guys want more? The game looks fuc*ing beautiful in its early build, I cant wait to see it in its final stages. Alan Ng, please!!! do not ever write an article again. that last pic is not Nico. Did you even play GTA4???? its spelled Niko and thats an image from GTA4.
    WOW! Pathetic. Who the fuc* let you write an article?

  • Wtf? Why is everybody hating!! The graphics are very disappointing, too much bad textures and low pentagon rate!!! Red dead redemption looked way better than GTA V??? Why the decline in visuals rockstar!!

  • Anonymous

    True, there isn’t a vast difference between the graphical interface from GTA IV and V, but when has it ever mattered in the series? Sure it’s good to have impressive graphics but we’ve enjoyed the classical mayhem and memories that we’ve created. To me, I’m happy to see the new color scheme though I wish it was set in a different location.

    As for an release date, really? How about the multiple times we’ve been given a release date and then a month before theres an delay announcement? I rather let Rockstar take their time with this game and then release a steady release date.

    This article is well worded but the argument is irrational. Enjoyed the read though.

  • Author of this article = master troll

  • very disappointing article trying to be controversial. who the hell cares if we’ve not been given a release date, this time two weeks ago we’d know idea we’d even be getting a trailer. moon on a stick brigade or what! as for the graphics they are perfect, look at the detail that has gone into each and every scene in the trailer. and how can you be disappointed in the setting?! just because it has the same name as the place a previous game suddenly people go off shouting about how the game cant come up with original ideas or whatever. christ

  • Anonymous

    I looked at graphics from GTA4 to 5 and 5 is a definite improvement.  The problem with most people who think MODders are making the developer look bad is they don’t have to worry about how the game is played.  How fluid the graphics are.  Not once when I looked at a MODder video would I ever be able to play it.  It was total crap from a gameplay perspective.  I could play GTA 5 with the graphics shown and be happy about it.

  • Jamal

    Bad article and absolutely agreed that inserting a screenshot that isn’t in the teaser, and from a past DLC is a weak gimmick. The difference between writers and people desperate for attention on the Internet.

  • That bottom picture is not Nico!!! its clearly the bum at the end of TBoGT! He finds diamonds and that the picture of it!

  • judging by the comments here I am beginning to believe in violent computer games causing aggression in young people

  • Ardea

    I agree with this article, the graphics look a little better than GTA 4 but still the engine looks pretty much the same.

    I understand that this graphics generation is almost over but they can try to get more bang from the current consoles, instead of relying on the success of past games.

    • dennett316

      How do you know what limits have or haven’t been reached in this generation of consoles, what are you basing that on and how would you like the developers to “try to get more bang” from the hardware?  How do you know they haven’t or won’t?
      If you think the graphics look only a little better, I suggest you go back and actually look at GTA 4 – and no, not one of those modded versions – and see that the level of detail on show in the GTA 5 trailer far outstrips that of GTA 4.

  • Minnieman121249

    HORRIBLE ARTICLE. The main character’s name from GTA IV is misspelled, there is false information, and the release date is “assumed” to be there. You just need to look really hard for it.

    Anybody left dissapointed after seing the trailer is obviously too stupid to appreciate an amazing work of art such as GTA.

  • Bad Article

    I thought the graphics looked great and that you probably have intercourse with your bed pillows.

  • A pathetic article that tries to be controversial just to get views, probably from a pathetic writer that con’t get people to read what he writes because he was born without imagination. “Graphics are disappointing” is a sad and pretentious comment given the mind blowing trailer. Anyone not impressed by the trailer is a pretentious cynic. 

  • Mengzi39

    I am extremely disappointed they would pick such a boring city as LA, why not make it san andreas and put other interesting cities in it because LA is just such a lackluster city. 

    • Bcb_22

      you are such an idiot

      • gr8st23

        Uh, no it’s NOT San Andreas.  It’s Los Santos, 1/3 of San Andreas.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I didn’t see anything that resembled Las Vegas or San Francisco, which were the other 2 cities in San Andreas.  (See Prof Danny Dodge comment above.  And wtf is a “stupid suck” anyway?  You guys need Xanax in you lives.)

    • Farts

      It is San Andreas you stupid suck.

  • Who could possibly be disappointed with those sunbeams, the mountain range and the way they have captured the layer of smog hanging over the Hollywood skyline. Just jaw dropping.

    • Ventchristopher

      so true 

  • Jason

    derp that image wasnt even in the trailer. He is the guy from tbogt ending.

    • Carson J Gallo

      Yeah WTF u trying to pull PR?