Last minute Skyrim news update contains spoilers, leaks galore

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

It is common knowledge that many users are already in possession of Skyrim now, with leaks and live streams continuing to pour out before Bethesda’s big launch on 11.11.11. For those that are interested in hearing about any updates regardless of spoilers, we have something which may interest you.

The fresh information on the game has come from live streams that you may now find online for Skyrim, and EveryGamingNews have done their best in rounding up some of the key information after watching.

As we said, only read this information if you don’t mind reading about spoilers, as we don’t want to ruin the fun for everyone with just days to go until release. New points of interest include a 50% magicka regen increase for all robes worn in the game, as you’ll know in Oblivion, that only certain robes could give such rewards, it’s interesting if Bethesda has decided that all robes are worthy of the magicka increase – perhaps they are more difficult to obtain in the game.

If it hasn’t already been confirmed already, it looks like there is going to be a number of difficulty settings that you can choose straight away in the options if you want more of a challenge. Spell Tomes are also back as well, and not as an additional add-on like Oblivion. This time in Skyrim, we’re hearing that aside from looting Tomes in dungeons, you’ll also be able to buy them at shops, but you’ll have to ‘learn’ the spell first in the menus – not entirely sure what this means as of yet.

As we just confirmed in a recent article, Werewolves will be featured in Skyrim and it looks like there’s also going to be a lot of mini-bosses as well. There’s plenty of spoilers through the link above, including information on some of the first quests and key items you’ll encounter. But you probably don’t want to hear about that so make sure you read through with caution – there’s a lot of new details on the game.

What are your thoughts on the last minute Skyrim leaks before release? Can you admit to watching a live stream already, or are you strictly waiting for the full game to release so you can find everything out for yourself?

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  • Bob

    I’ve seen a leaked video (taken down now… too bad) that shows the player transforming into a werewolf. No joke, no lie. It was pretty amazing as whoever was playing killed villagers and ran on all fours.

  • I’m resisting the urge to read through the article, i already feel like i’ve read too much about this game, yet I know i’ve only scratched the surface.


  • Naffy01


  • Absoluteinfluence

    wow a Skyrim article that’s possibly worth reading (pats writer/site on the back), thank you. As for the robes thing i think you have to understand it like this; robes have no armor and suck if your going to get hit by melee attacks, so the extra magic Regen is something that is necessary for more balanced game-play if you choose to roll Caster type ( I mean why wear a robe if there’s better armor out there that you can add the same stats to? unless they make armor effect your run/walk speed at least( i wish it did thatd be much more realistic). If you played oblivion then you’d know if you wanted to be a caster you’d probably still want to use heavy armors because very few ‘cloth’ items actually had beneficial returns vs other armors. personally i doubt robed are even hard to find, this is just to give mage aficionados another reason to dump everything they have into magic using.

  • dovhakiin

    i swear that bethesda said that werewolves weren’t in skyrim. they said that it is not in the main game but it may be in dlc but with those screenshots they must be in there but i’m still not 100%

  • 5645

    So werewolves are in the release? Awesomesauce!

    • I’m guessing you still can’t become one though 🙁

      • Mjolnir of lulz

        That be pretty gay if so, otherwise sexy times ahead !

      • Lurka

        From the photos which got leaked showing the werewolf in Skyrim it seems you’re given the option to become a werewolf or not, it also seems like it’s a side quest.

      • Venaro

        The Ring of Hircine is in the game, and if it works like it did in Morrowind, you’ll be able to transform into a Werewolf by putting it on(:

      • BigBob

        You can be a werewolf. There is a leaked screenshot somewhere of the ring of hircine which has the effect of werewolf transformation.

        But the thing is, can you be a vampire and a werewolf?

  • James

    bring on skyrim!! fallout new vegas can go back in the attic lol