iOS 5 problems continue as Siri outage affects US

By Gary Johnson - Nov 3, 2011

Since the iOS 5 update was first released a few weeks back it has experienced some issues. Many users have reported battery life problems for a number of iPhone models, which Apple is now looking to fix. Now we can tell you that the iOS 5 problems continue as a Siri outage is affecting the US.

The stand out feature of the iPhone 4S was the new voice control feature, and Mobile Beat is reporting the service is suffering a reported outage. Many users are reporting the service is not working and it seems to have begun at around 11a.m. PST today. The feature is more than a piece of software installed on the device, as it has to work with Apple’s servers to work correctly.

Once asked a question the software communicates with Apple’s servers for additional information. This is one of the reasons that jailbreaking iOS devices to run the software are so difficult. Apple have been contacted for additional information about the problem and offered a number of solutions.

It was suggested to restart the device and un-connecting from the Wi-Fi, which obviously didn’t work. The Apple Care supervisor did suggest it could mean a network outage. It is not known if it is a worldwide issue or is even affecting all of the US.

This will be further embarrassment to Apple who have already seeded an update for iOS 5 to developers to fix a few issues including the battery life of the iPhone, it just shows even the best of us can experience technical problems.

Is Siri working for you?

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