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Droid RAZR: Download boot animation and custom sounds pre-release

We have some good news for those of you who like the look of the upcoming Droid RAZR on Verizon, but are opting to stay with your current Android handset for now. The official Droid RAZR boot animation as well as custom sounds from the device have just been put up for download, unofficially.

If your Android device is rooted, this should work on all ‘decent’ devices theoretically – although be prepared for rather slow boot up time depending on which handset you want to try this out on. A video we have to show you below gives you a clear example of what the Droid RAZR boot animation looks like, and indeed how long it takes roughly to boot up on a Droid Bionic.

As for the Droid RAZR animation, it’s probably one of the best animations we’ve seen on any Android device period. Of course, fans of the Galaxy Nexus boot animation may have something to say on that debate, but there’s always something slick about Motorola’s Droid animations – How great is it that you guys have the opportunity to try them all out before you buy as well.

If you’re interested in giving this a go and want a taste of the Droid RAZR on your current handset, head to Droid-Life for the download as well as instructions on how to install. There’s also some Droid RAZR custom sounds as well for you to try if you want to go one step further.

As for the Droid RAZR, the handset will be launching on November 10 on Verizon, just days away. Don’t forget that HTC also has an event scheduled for later on today (Nov 3rd) in which the company will be unveiling the HTC Rezound smartphone for the first time, which is also due for release on Verizon. Big Red are really spoiling their customers aren’t they.

If you do give this a try, let us know how you get on, and if everything works as normal.



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