BF3 has best multiplayer in industry, players won’t quit for MW3 – EA

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

With just days to go until the global release of Modern Warfare 3, it’s fair to say that many players are still engrossed in Battlefield 3, with EA’s latest effort proving to be a winner. We posed an interesting question earlier this week in relation to players quitting BF3 for MW3, but now EA has had their say on the matter.

Obviously there is going to be some divide here. We’ve heard both sides of the argument in that many players are not too happy with the Battlefield 3 launch amid numerous online server issues with multiplayer, but on the other hand many of you love it and will definitely be still playing when Modern Warfare 3 releases on November 8.

EA has now entered the debate themselves officially, and unsurprisingly, they feel that their new game provides enough quality to see off competing titles in a very busy period, with Modern Warfare 3 specifically mentioned by the company. In a recent inteview with IGN, EA’s executive vice president Patrick Soderlund revealed that while they respect Call of Duty, EA believes that with Battlefield 3, they have the best multiplayer in the games industry.

Here’s a portion of his interview: ”We all respect what Call of Duty brings and what they’re going to come with, and I think that we have an industry-leading multiplayer game that will make people want to stay with us, frankly. If you look at all the reviews that we’ve gotten, not a single one that I’ve seen has been negative towards the multiplayer. In fact, many state that the multiplayer is the multiplayer experience to have, the best in the world. And if I can continue to harness that and work on improving that and give the consumers more of that, then hopefully they’re going to feel loyal to us and stay.”

Those are some strong words indeed, do you agree with him first of all on the basis that Battlefield 3’s multiplayer is the best in the industry? Of course we are all yet to try out Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer for a detailed comparison, but since it is largely the same as MW2 but with many more features, simple conclusions can still be made we feel.

It will be interesting to see if the Battlefield 3 servers will experience a huge drop in numbers come November 8. There’s obviously a huge interest in Modern Warfare 3, and even if you love Battlefield 3, gamers may just want to switch games for a while just to experience the competition and see what MW3 offers this time around in comparison.

Ultimately though, where do your priorities lie? – with Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3? Will you be one of the many gamers who stop playing Battlefield 3 in favor of heading straight into MW3 multiplayer? The plus side for BF veterans is that they may even enjoy the fact that many gamers are quitting for Modern Warfare 3 as gameplay may prove to be more enjoyable – what do you think about this aspect?

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  • Edzeppelin

    I’m still playing wait and see to decide which I will buy. There is a lot of passion on both sides and there seems to be more attacks against players of one franchise or the other by rival game fans than any objective reviews of the games. It just seems like no matter how bad or buggy each could be, the fans would still stick up for the game and gloss over any shortcomings.

    The reviews I have seen don’t help much because they are almost all pre-release descriptions and there are  comments about this and that will be changed before the official release. Some don’t cite any differences between console or PC versions, if any. Sales figures don’t mean anything because you have to buy it before you find out if it’s bad or not. 6,000,000 in sales can easily mean 4,500.00 cases of disappointment and with all the ego that seems involved on both sides, few will admit they were let down, however slightly.

    So far I get BF3 has better graphics and audio, bigger maps, and more vehicles. MW3 is supposedly very similar to previous games in that series in game play, pacing, etc. and they are still using the same engine. The maps are smaller and I have read complaints all the ‘chatter’ is still there with radio and other communications. The consensus is ‘more of the same’. Everybody talks about multiplayer in BF3 and I find almost zilch about single player. MW3 is supposed to have more in depth and immersive single player but since it has only been out a few days I have not read much about multiplayer or detailed single player experiences with it.

    I have mixed feelings about multiplayer because other players can quickly ruin a multiplayer experience, I still remember the early days of BF2 and death within 5 seconds of spawning. It was almost a month before I finally did anything besides add to some-one’s kill total and lasted longer than a few seconds. With the 60 player team potential of BF3 I somehow imagine GTAIV in freeplay at the airport on one of the harsher days, but 10 times as insane. Sometimes it’s nice to have single player to get a feel for a game and to play it in an idiot-free manner when the spoilsports come out. I have had some great times in other multiplayer games but those times when the ‘we’re here to ruin it for everybody’ players rage, those events linger in my memory and is why I lament that single player seems an afterthought with many game publishers.

    So, I’ll probably wait until December or after the first of the year when the fanbois have stopped being all hot and sweaty over the franchise of their choice. By then maybe the fervor will have ebbed some and some rational comparisons that actually discuss the respective games will be available to reference. Any bugs should have been discovered and fixed. If I’m lucky, the price may have even come down a little.

    • tshwn

      Much improved over BF2.  No more constant vehicle capture-point/base rapes, nade spam, dolphin diving.  Engineers can actually take down vehicles now.  Still requires teamwork,  can’t win if your squadmates are camping on a hill sniping and not taking objectives or defending/attacking points. 

      • Edzeppelin

        Thanks for that info. I really do appreciate it. I’m leaning towards BF3 at the moment. It seems like both are going to sell DLC in the way of maps, etc. Pricing with those is going to be another consideration. If I remember right, I think it was BF2 that some people had private servers they hosted games with so they screened players to keep out the problem players. It may have been another game but I don’t know if BF3 will allow that.

        In the play, how is the organization of the sides? Can you still ‘lone wolf’ for one side or the other where you can freely join up with others in operations and then move on or are you forced to join a squad or unit and stick with them? The mandatory join a unit thing always was problematic for me because I keep odd hours and I can’t always guarantee I can be available at specific times and I can’t guarantee I can play for a set time. I hate to cause problems for other players in combat games because they depend on team members to see things through and often end up resenting members who can’t commit.

        If someone does have to duck out, is there a quick way to get a replacement and is it still loose enough with larger scale operations where it doesn’t present a huge problem for the unit?

        What about single player? 

  • Mimicmindmusic

    What? Sales have nothing to do with quality. McDonalds, The Backstreet Boys, and Lady GaGa all sell tons , but it’s all complete crap. BF3 is amazing mp. Amazing. The weapons sound and look incredible, the complete scope of the maps, the physics of the Frostbite engine, the bullet physics. These all dwarf COD. The people that complain about ” campers” need to realize that BF3 does not reward foolishly running around. You deserve to get your butt shot off running around like it’s Halo. I can’t say enough about the tank warfare, the destruction of buildings, mortars, apache helicopters. Any honest gamer will tell you BF3 offers more for a war game. Now if you just want to have mindless fun and be entertained, then COD is great. Hell , I ordered it as well and I love the over the top SP. It’s a fun game. BF3 is king of MP though. It’s not even close. The realism of crouching down while bullets spray and shatter the glass and brick around you is unparalleled . Love them for their differences, but put your bias aside to admit BF3 is the far superior war game. No question.

  • Mimicmindmusic

    What? Sales have nothing to do with quality. McDonalds, The Backstreet Boys, and Lady GaGa all sell tons , but it’s all complete crap. BF3 is amazing mp. Amazing. The weapons sound and look incredible, the complete scope of the maps, the physics of the Frostbite engine, the bullet physics. These all dwarf COD. The people that complain about ” campers” need to realize that BF3 does not reward foolishly running around. You deserve to get your butt shot off running around like it’s Halo. I can’t say enough about the tank warfare, the destruction of buildings, mortars, apache helicopters. Any honest gamer will tell you BF3 offers more for a war game. Now if you just want to have mindless fun and be entertained, then COD is great. Hell , I ordered it as well and I love the over the top SP. It’s a fun game. BF3 is king of MP though. It’s not even close. The realism of crouching down while bullets spray and shatter the glass and brick around you is unparalleled . Love them for their differences, but put your bias aside to admit BF3 is the far superior war game. No question.

    • Fc102787

      yes i actually buy videogames to have mindless fun and to be u said mw3 is what i should buy right?hey if u want something really realistic theres this thing called the army..the give u real guns and you can get shot for real!! lol sorry just trolling..nah really i played the bf3 beta it was awsome..but like you said after a long day of work and spending time with the fam..a good mindless entertaining team deathmatch is all i need..

      • Edzeppelin

        Good one on the real Army!

        Anyway, I just wanted to throw in that for real realism the Arma series is pretty much the top of the line IMHO. If it has a flaw it’s that it’s capable of doing too much and the learning curve is steep and long.

  • Ryanc81

    Bf3 feels more tactical mw3 is fast tight shooter not a lot of strategy. Love both equally . Play both equally. One game couldn’t bring both those aspects so I appreciate both sides

  • I hope lots of people are still playing BF3 tomorrow which means that the MW3 servers will work better for those of us who’ll be logging in (which hopefully includes me if my pre-ordered copy arrives)

  • H f-s

    BF3 sucks go read their forums. Thats the problem with sales and hype, you sell something before its proven. Media reads this as “proving to be a winner”.

    I’m going to take a punt here (most will snicker at this) but Planetside 2 might be where the smart money goes from here.

  • Christianbarcelona

    I have been a CoD player since CoD4 and after Black Ops I have decided not to get what people call MW3 that to me looks to me like a MW2 add-on. Adding to that they will charge you more than the full game to get full access of CoD elite which is a rip-off when you can ger the same feature on BF3. I just hope that MW3 wont be hacked because if it does chances are the developers probably would not give a sh”.

    • Mormonstang

      Please don’t start taking about things you don’t know. Elite is not what BF3 already offers, yes they offer stats online but not free multiplayer downloadable content. So you are getting your money back if you were going to buy the maps anyway. I enjoy BF3 but it just feels too glitchy and poor for me.

  • Hahayourmom

    BF3 is amazing. Servers had a few hiccups, but I can honestly say I have had the ability to play non stop everyday for the past few days (so Im not complaining). Battlefield 3 is great for those who want to work as a team and use their brains to defeat the opposition, while experiencing the most realistic FPS out there. Most people on here talking crap on BF3 probably don’t even own it, so their opinions are worthless. MW3 is great for mindless shooting and fast paced action. I find myself yelling, “Oh come on, WTF!” a lot more on COD. Both are great games, each with its own purpose but I will probably be purchasing MW3 when it goes “Platinum Hits”, NOT on Nov 8th. I can still play MW2 and be entertained.   

  • Bigtigs69

    I would like it if all the cod fanboi tossers would go to mw3 that or get a labodomy

  • Rodmaddock

    I’m afraid I disagree. I felt that there was not enough game modes. The games are full of campers and if you move more than a few feet you are shot – that’s BF I hear you shout, but not my idea of fun. 
    The gameplay has been very glitchy, I even witnessed one player sliding about the screen – most surreal. In addition it has been very laggy too, I have put numerous bullets in people only for them to turn around and die after 2 hits. What’s worse because it doesn’t show how you were shot it is hard to tell how poor my connection is, at least with cod you can see whether you have a bad connection or not.
    All in all, I was very disappointed and I will be trading in my copy for MW3. On the plus side though the graphics are far superior to MW3 and in general I liked the guns although levelling up was incredibly time consuming. 

  • scout

    Best multiplayer my ass. BF3 is exactly like BC2, and just like BC2, it will slowly vanish until only the hardcore PC fanboys play it.

  • Tholhubner

    I will forever play BF3 over COD… I only play on PS3 and Black Ops was so horrible on PS3 that I am not going to risk spending any more of my hard earned money on a shitty CoD game that Activision puts no effort into making work across all platforms. DICE takes their time and has teams of people working on each platform to make sure that the game works just as well on each platform. AND the graphics in MW3 have not changed at all from the last MW… that is just lazy! this is the issue with releasing a new CoD every year.. I will not play a another CoD game until I see some innovation on their part. I am tired of playing a new CoD 4 every year… change your game up or GTFO.

    • Jibberish

      developers release a cod every 2 years B Ops was treyarch & MW is infinity ward. Dice release a game every year either  BF, BFBC or MoH. get your facts right before you make a fool of yourself again. still think BF is a good game though, but campaign wise it cant come close to MW3

  • Mostar

    buying both, bf3 better,
    and please stop talking bout COD’s sales,
    it has nothing to do with how good a game is,
    im sure world of warcraft sold billions but i wudnt touch that game for sh*t
    a game being good or not is a PERSONAL OPINION

    • Rocawaysound

      Personal opinion agreed! But sales to show that COD is more popular, if it is more popular, then in general populations opinion, it is “better”.

  • Huntrodz

    Ok I like cod and battlefield and will play both………problem?

  • Shootiest

    The Multi-player in BF3 is the best I’ve ever played, once they’ve fixed all of their lag issues, it will be so far superior to it’s predecessors and any game competing… there’s just no point even mentioning another title along it’s side, especially anything Modern Warfare, worlds apart. Yesterday (look at date posted) I had the best BF3 experience since release, it was smooth, maybe 3 disconnects in 8 hours (yes I gamed that much on BF3, after I left my office it was NERD MODE TIME). Incredible Multi-player.

  • campaing mode is goos, linear but good, graphics, sound etc  no other game come close, not even crysis 2.  but multiplayer  mmmmmm   excellent, only issue right now  that should be getting fixed soon  is conection issue  and laggi servers  across all platform. still is very playable  and fun.  10/10

    • Cod better than BF3

      oh so the only problem with BF3 is the connection and laggi servers 
      so the only 2 requirement for a good online game they don’t have 

      “Numbers don’t lie if Battlefield was better they would sell
      more. Call of duty broke all sales records of any game so  suck my b 2 da a lls”

      • that’s not true in any aspect what so ever. first off cod is an arcade game close quarters, fast paced shooter. bf3 if exactly that a battlefield, so in terms of sales it depends on the game and what type people like , so to your question , epic fail thanks very much.

        • Rocawaysound

          Chris, we are talking about a “better” game based on pouplarity. More sales = more popular, epic fail on your part for bringing up what some would “prefer”, all you did was describe each game, the question is Chris, which is more popular? the previous COD did $340 – $440 million in the first day, in your opinion is that a popular game, whether or not it is a fast pace, close range shooter? What do you think is going to happen next week, COD will not sell as much as BF3? It is fine to like a certain type of game, but for people to down the leader in the industry is desperate, like what you like it is fine, but stay intelligent in doing so!

  • Rocawaysound

    Pretty trees, hiding in bushes with sniper rifles, guns sound and feel like your playing paintball, taking coverage in vehicules, sounds like a game for the elders, man up, get some reflexes and meet me at B flag, COD MW3 styles. When your game shatters sales records, then talk, until then, stay in your pretty colored bush!

    • by the way bf3 isnt a game for the elderly its for smart people, and cod uunnn cine get the staib buddy alektosm4

    • Edzeppelin

      “sounds like a game for the elders”  as opposed to what? a game for kids? pretty desparate when you start having to resort to infantile remarks like that.

  • Boobobo

    add me on psn neil5082 for a quality team member, I am that guy who throws down ammo packs or revives you or throws you a health pack or even picks you up in my tank or chopper to mow down the enemy ):-/  i think BF3 rocks and am an avid fan – but am struggling to find decent “TEAM” members 🙁

    • the we may have the same blood and pedigree.  we play the same   L-Roca (psn)

  • Boobobo

    I used to be an avid COD player but I was in my local gamestore and picked up Battlefield Bad Company 2 and I haven’t looked back. I pre-ordered BF3 and yes while the campaign is a total waste of time, the multiplayer is beyond words. I put it on my 50″ plasma along with 1000 watt Dolby Home Cinema system and I was literally ducking for cover it felt as if I was there. I bought COD Black Ops and whilst the campaign was good and mp was good, the graphics were really dated and fake. After playing BF3 I don’t think anything will top it, for example, I was in a tank blasting my way through Caspian border when a F-18 nosedived into me and we both exploded!! It was one of many epic moments I have encountered but with COD, you simply pick a good hiding spot and shoot (yawn) or run around like a headless chicken eventually to be quick knifed out of nowhere. The thing about COD is that the graphics and gameplay don’t really change so that’s why Activision won’t be getting my £40 for a recycled game with MW3, i mean look at the trailers, it hasnt changed a bit, same old Makarov crap plus that mp, seen survivor mode on youtube, the graphics are pathetic. Now I’m off to get into my Apache gunship and wreak havoc in an oilfield, can you do that in COD? I think not……….

    Happy BF3 customer 🙂

    • like ur comment but apache is for army (BFBC2) you mean Vyper/Cobra !lol

  • Cookie

    Bf3 all the way, possibly buy MW3 later next year when price drops…

    • same here  BF# all the way  ill get mw3 just to see how it is when im able to get it for 20

  • Thirdandinches

    I play campaign & multiplayer in BF and MW. I feel both franchises have their plus & minus points so will play both until I decide which has the edge in terms if gameplay and server stability.

  • Why?

    mw3 has another gamemode i can play if i get tired of MP. 

  • Mars Skane

    While BF3’s multiplayer experience is definitely up there, they have let down a lot of players that enjoy the campaign side of the game too.  I am one of those.  I buy the game for the campaign and the multiplayer is a bonus. 

    BF3’s campaign falls short of the mark by a long way.  Had I known, I probably would not have bought the game.   I certainly will not be pre-ordering BF4 or any other iteration of the game.  I’ll wait and see what the campaign looks like first and make a decision then.

    I am definitely hoping that MW3 offers something better. 

    • Jibberish

      BF is always about multiplayer ever since it was created! if you want a proper campaign wait for MOH next year

  • i prefer to play bf3 no matter what its more realistic and i love that and call of duty doesnt have that. so thats an advantage for bf3.

    • Userlux1243

      if you prefer realistic games, why dont you join the army?

      • Cno_san21

        No respawns in real life

        • Oshkubob


        • Oshkubob

          For the question involved. I won’t be buying either to be honest. I’ve heard Battlefield 3’s campaign borrow’s heavily from COD:BoP’s campaign. (interrogated in a room and having flashbacks) I hated Black ops’ campaign, nothing takes you out of the immersion more than being brought back into an interrogation cell alive…Where’s my incentive to do well? I already know the character I’m playing as is still alive and I’m acting out his flashbacks. Cool idea, but no. Same thing with Assassin’s creed for me, i’m not immersed within the game AS that character, I’m playing flashbacks basically. MW3 will get the no go treatment from me as well, not that I think it will be a craptastic game by any means, just the fact that MW2 was 50 dollars new in store up until 2 month’s ago. That is beyond ridiculous when plenty more games came out THIS year that were better optimized with new game engines that dropped in price after 6 months. So all in all, neither one will ever grace my console.

        • Rabiddog

          Youre just cheap 😛

        • Geronimus

          I dont understand and have never understood this idiotic rivalry BF/ MoH fanatics versus COD/ MW fanatics with people on one side strongly criticising and putting down people on the other. Dont be idiots and use your brain mates. Both are good and oustanding MP games each in its own style. BF more realistic with astounding battlefields while COD more arcadish and fast paced. I bought BF3 and I will buy MW3 too for sure. BF3 is the best multiplayer I have seen up to date and I am sure MW3 will be very good and lots of fun too.

          Is up to you to choose. Fortunately there is a competitive game industry out there offering very good games and only idiots will be putting down one game only because they havent enough money to buy both.

        • Firefight757

          I will own both for the simple reason of expanding my gaming options. No doubt BF3 is good and realistic but it is very hard to find people who communicate. MW3 will be good as well but have the campers to deal with. Having both alows me to switch up whenever i get tired of one or the other. All in all i am a big fan of both!