Battlefield 3: Free dog tags DLC – Just watch Act of Valor movie trailer

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

We have some great news for Battlefield 3 fans now, especially if you are living in the UK. After informing you about a recent Battlefield 3 Dr Pepper promotion which was for US only, we now have news of another free giveaway, this time allowing everyone to get hold of some free exclusive multiplayer dog tags.

This will be very pleasing for our UK readers who were frustrated that the Dr Pepper promotion which offered free multiplayer skins, a PlayStation Home avatar and dog tags was available to US consumers only.

This latest promotion though, offers some specific dog tags up for grabs, and all you have to do to get them, is watch a film trailer which is partnering with EA for the giveaway. That film is called Act of Valor and it will release on February 17 2012. The movie is a war film which is based around real life US Navy SEALs.

You have to watch the video until the end, as that’s when you’ll be prompted to enter your platform of choice, as well your email address which you use to sign into Battlelog. Once you have signed in, you’ll be redirected to a Act of Valor BF3 page, and you’ll receive your redeem code which you’ll need to input on your respective store – it’s as easy as that.

The film doesn’t look too bad either – we’ve seen worse. There are some Battlefield-esque moments in the clip, which we’re sure you’ll enjoy so check out the trailer here to claim your free dog tags.

This is an interesting way to offer free goodies for Battlefield 3, I wonder if we’ll see this sort of similar promotion again – it’s a win win situation for everyone of course, the film companies get the advertising, EA get more interest in Battlefield 3 from gamers and gamers get free dog tags to use in-game. We like this promotion a lot – what do you guys think about it? On a side note, EA think that Battlefield 3 has the best multiplayer in the industry, offer your input on this debate here.

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  • yaahoo

    im from uk and redeemed code on my usa psn dummy acc downloaded tags and signed bk into my uk acc a voila tags

    • Fck

      I did that and downloads didnt show up in my uk acc…ps3 here

  • Ben

    i just get a black screen after the film and no where to select my operating system from

  • Stirling007

    doesn’t work for UK baesed gamers only north America

  • Atomicbridie

    Works fine for me. And im in the UK. I was logged into my ea account already when i clicked the link. Soon as the trailer was over, clicked PC, and login, and it automaticaly popped up with my login details saying i had the dog tags. Just equiped one now.

  • Bleh

    I’m so sick of this EA crap now.. They lied about back to karkand being a preorder bonus, now it’s actually for anyone who has an online pass.. The online pass system that expects multiple payments towards each individual player slot.. We had endless preorder nonsense giving out exclusive weapons in exchange for shop loyalty, wtf ea? We’ve had to listen to EA droning on about this damn game being THE killer shooter app and then they deliver an unpolished, rushed mess with dross campaign, pointless co-op and an average multiplayer suite that encourages boring play styles, I don’t care if it’s realistic, it’s boring to have to walk, swim and drive for 5 minutes to get to the frontline to then be shot in the back by a sniper hiding under a bush half a kilometre away!

    With call of duty you buy the game, you get everything everyone else gets, no codes, no incentives, no marketing campaigns, just a game that is refined, direct, focused and 110% god damned FUN.

    Flame away fanboys, you know it’s true.

    • then you have no idea how to play if you spawn at the back all the time. stick to cod

  • JasT2k3

    yup, same, In UK saying invalid code

  • Mr_xzibit

    its only u.s doesnt work in the uk for me? invalid code!! in the3terms and conditions it says “for u.s customers only! your infor is wrong!

    • Smileyman101

      you can make it work in uk by changing your ea account to being from US not UK and it works