Are PS3 owners favoring MW3 over Battlefield 3?

By Gary Johnson - Nov 3, 2011

Since it was first released Battlefield 3 has enjoyed huge sales as gamers went out and snapped up the highly anticipated title. The sales figures have been revealed for the game across the various platforms, and the numbers make you wonder if PS3 owners are favoring MW3 over battlefield 3?

The sales figures for Battlefield 3 show that the amount sold for the Xbox 360 are almost double that for the PS3 version. According to Gamezone worldwide sales for the title on the Xbox 360 as of October 29th stood at 2,249,092, while the number of copies sold for the PS3 was 1,486,067.

Surprisingly sales of Battlefield 3 on the PC were pretty weak sitting at less than 500,000. For the week ending October 29th the amount of PC copies sold stood at 487,181 copies, obviously this was a few days ago now and may have changed since then. Another reason for low PC sales may be down to the hardware that is needed to properly run the game.

Since it was first launched the game has shifted an impressive amount of copies, but it could be affected by the imminent launch of MW3. There are many gamers who have stated they intend to get both titles regardless of the platform they use.

Battlefield 3 has certainly had its problems with its online servers that are finally being sorted, but many have said how much DICE have raised the bar with the multiplayer part of the game. Have you decided to get Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 instead of Battlefield 3?

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  • Sugsun

    Clint you don’t now what you say Luke is right! I have MW2 and i have played MW1 and all the other COD and my opinion is  they are all the same you play one, you play all  …and remind me a lot Counter strike.
    Thats why i have bought only 1 game.

    BF3 is a must of War Simulator. More real than that, you don’t have in other game. DICE is getting better and better.

    Clint don’t talk about you don’t now or you didn’t played and you are the real COD fanboy.

    Tactics about this is better you have a mic or be a pro, because you going lost and die all the time, i see the noobies from cod running and die all the time. Typical. 

    Thumbs up for you CLINT you are a BF soldier like me! 

  • Oshkubob

    For the question involved. I won’t be buying either to be honest. I’ve heard Battlefield 3’s campaign borrow’s heavily from COD:BoP’s campaign. (interrogated in a room and having flashbacks) I hated Black ops’ campaign, nothing takes you out of the immersion more than being brought back into an interrogation cell alive…Where’s my incentive to do well? I already know the character I’m playing as is still alive and I’m acting out his flashbacks. Cool idea, but no. Same thing with Assassin’s creed for me, i’m not immersed within the game AS that character, I’m playing flashbacks basically. MW3 will get the no go treatment from me as well, not that I think it will be a craptastic game by any means, just the fact that MW2 was 50 dollars new in store up until 2 month’s ago. That is beyond ridiculous when plenty more games came out THIS year that were better optimized with new game engines that dropped in price after 6 months. So all in all, neither one will ever grace my console.

  • Notafanboy

    I like both and will play both. Not a problem at all. Both great games in there own right…..

  • Ryan T

    Ps3 sales could be slightly lower as Uncharted3 released this week also. Buying three games in 2 weeks is hitting the pocket.

  • Tom2k123

    So your argument is that in your ‘opinion’ games may prefer MW3 more due to a slight hik-up in the server!? Wtf do you in any way escape from the nut house, you carnt even justify your reasons for this, all ill say is don’t try and stir things up sir because frankly this articles is ‘low’ almost as low as you :/

  • Luke

    How can u like a game that isnt out yet and have not played it. More ppl like cod cos they dont play using tactics and they just run around like headless chickens. Battlefield games require u to play as a team and ppl that suck at that battlefield they prefer cod

    • clint wayne

      though i respect E.A. ‘s title Battlfeild 3 I personaly played it and I am not quite intested in it for its inability for a compelling story unlike the old MW2 in when mission “Wolverines” and others start and you see america on fire….it tends to pull heartstings and add emotional involvement and is more compelling.[oh and anyone who says battlfeild 3 requires sttgy is jjust being a fanboy}