Skyrim live stream: Watch before 11.11.11 if you dare

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2011

We just knew this was coming, and probably did Bethesda. It looks like a collection of Skyrim live streams are now circulating on the internet, as naughty individuals perhaps put their review copies up online for all to see. Either that, or some users are getting copies extremely early ahead of the intended 11.11.11 launch date.

We have checked out the live stream ourselves, just for a few seconds to check it out and we can confirm that it is indeed Skyrim being played live. We can’t tell what version of the game that is, but that’s pretty irrelevant as the main issue here is that live streams are already about.

This week we have been asking for your thoughts on other temptations such as the 25 minute gameplay leak, or picking up the official strategy guide to find everything in the game 100%. However, a live stream takes everything to a whole new level of course and obviously spoils the fun.

We don’t recommend watching the live stream, but if you just want to check it out due to sheer curiosity, then you can find it here – we’re obviously not going to embed it here as that would be illegal and we have far too much respect for Bethesda to do something like that.

We’re guessing that many of you will choose not to watch the live stream since it ruins the fun of seeing everything for the first time, but for those that feel that the temptation is just too much to bear, let us know what you thought of it. If you want our opinion, we would say avoid at all costs since the quality is medium at best, and it definitely isn’t a clear cut HD stream showing Skyrim in its true beauty.

Have you watched a live stream of Skyrim?

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  • Weban

    I watched a little bit, but it was so frustrating because the people playing the live streams suck and kept getting thenselves killed, i saw a lot of the load screens!

  • WirlWind

    FYI, it’s the pirated 360 version.

    Why aren’t the dev’s complaining about 360 piracy? There’s no PC version out yet and won’t be until launch and I bet the 360 version will not be mentioned at all.

  • Tackchevy

    The winner to emerge from this imbroglio: Dark Souls. 

  • I watched what was in effect the tutorial, and it stopped just before leaving the cave. Like the Oblivion tutorial, it’s quite linear and I dodn’t have a problem watching it. But that’s it.

  • Annoyingbeep1

    man i am so glad that i couldnt get the video i almost ruined the game for my self and then i would have to die

  • Cfah

    The requested video is not found… PHEW that was a close one

  • I would sooner smash my computer than watch a peak. I can’t help it. I mean, I want to soooooooo bad, but I have been hyped about this forever now. I’ve been waiting for the “next installment” since about a week after Oblivion came out and now it’s almost here. I don’t wanna ruin that for myself.

  • took a peak, felt guilty, closed window… BTW stream is extremely bad, not how I want to see Skyrim..nine more days, nine more days…….

  • Revi

    This is just wrong. I went and i saw it and i was like the place look so alive. i am so tempted….i have to wait. just nine more days!!!!

  • Ocheeva

    I hopped onto it for a second before i felt guilty and quit.

    The argonians are looking fantasticly shiny

  • luk503

    watching videos suck. dont wanna watch someone else playing it anymore! ill wait!

  • RD

    i have waited 5 years for this game i CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER IF I DID’T WATCH THIS IT WOULD BE MADNESS FOR ME

  • Anonymous

    I can already see that many of you are frantically clicking away at the link…shame on you! 🙂

  • AJ

    Never ceases to amaze me what ravenous wolves people can be. Then again, its kinda both sides, because Bethesda teased fans for what…two years? I’d imagine it got a little rough.

    • kingko

      Bethesda teases fans for 5 years as fallout3 to me was suppost to be TES5 but i played FO3 just to pass the time.

      I’ve watch 30 minutes of footage between a few links and even with the horrible quality i was engaged in the experience, CANNOT WAIT!

      • Douglasmihal

        excited about the new Sky relm it played oblivion it was ok but skyrelm has better attack i read the reviews and wached all the cids for it including the trailers