Forget about Skyrim live stream with gorgeous behind the scenes tease

By Alan Ng - Nov 3, 2011

As Skyrim leaks continue to sweep across the internet, we would like to draw your attention to an excellent video that Bethesda has recently released. It focuses on some behind the scenes gameplay from the upcoming Skyrim game and it also features some great commentary from the Bethesda team as well.

Before we come under attack from the ‘you can’t post Skyrim news if I’ve read it already’ army, we’re obviously aware that some of you may have seen it already – for that we apologise in advance. But for those that haven’t and are looking for some alternative footage from the game which isn’t classified as leaked, then this is for you.

The video packages together some epic Skyrim gameplay, most of it clips that we’ve already seen we should say, but we now have the added bonus of comments from Bethesda’s Todd Howard and other staff talking over the top. Then of course, we have another of Jeremy Soule’s epic soundtrack themes playing over the whole thing which just makes us want to start playing right now.

It’s a joy hearing Howard say how the team at Bethesda aim to make the best style of gameplay possible, in relation to all the different elements of Skyrim such as mage play, fighting dragons, playing as an assassin or thief and so on. Watch the video at around 1.05 to hear what we mean by this.

The complete behind the scenes making of Skyrim video can be yours to own if you pick up the Collector’s Edition of the game, which will be priced at $150. You can see detailed contents of what is included – i.e that huge Alduin dragon statue, in our earlier report here.

Did you find this short teaser trailer fascinating? Skyrim has been achieved with the help 40 hard working folks at Bethesda who have been with the Elder Scrolls scrolls series since day one. In total, hundreds of staff have strived to produce perfection this time around, and an even better game than Oblivion – What would you like to say to them in return?

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  • Hellshands

    that guy below me is a major tool

  • Guest

    If you are so thin-skinned then stop being a journalist. Oh sorry I forgot…

  • Mjolnir of lol

    “Before we come under attack from the ‘you can’t post Skyrim news if I’ve read it already’ army”

    Was that a dig at the ‘you can’t post Skyrim news if I’ve read it already’ army ? We gonna rip your ass !!!

  • Savior Indra

    While I have seen this footage already (I’m soaking up any and all knowledge I can about Skyrim before it comes out) I would like to thank you for posting this footage so it is more easily accessible to other fans who have not seen it. I would also like to thank all of the people at this site for their hard work because I have gotten new news here on some occasions. 

  • Absoluteinfluence

    why do all you shitty writers keep saying stuff that’s not true and/or just regurgitated from the ‘Bethesda’ podcast and the making of trailer? if you knew anything about this game you’d know the 40 people they refer to ‘being on the team’ are the people that have been with them for many of their TES games (it’s there original ‘core’). this game was made by nearly 120 game designers plus about 100 voice actors/game model actors (200 million budget **cough). thanks for the useless and false information, i wish you and the rest of these fake gaming reviewers would stop tricking insanely enthusiastic TES fans into reading the same garbage (and me into flame trolling in comments), but even more so, at least get your facts straight. oh and awesome apology brah

  • Poo