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Uncharted 3 UK price comparison who is the cheapest?

The run up to the holiday season this year is seeing many great games being released for a variety of popular platforms. In recent weeks we have seen FIFA 12 become available, which was quickly followed by the highly anticipated Battlefield 3. Now it’s the turn of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception to join the fray and gamers in the UK can get the game from midnight tonight so we thought we would look to see who is the cheapest for the game.

So far surprisingly there have been no big announcements from game shop retailers regarding midnight opening, but you can always rely on the big supermarkets to offer a place to get the game tonight. First up Tesco are offering the game for £37.97 without having to purchase any other product from the retailer.

Sainsbury has the game priced at £37.99, but if you also buy a £25 PSN card you can have Uncharted 3 for £24.99. Meanwhile over at Asda they will be charging £38.97 for the title. If you head off to HMV with your copy of Battlefield 3 in your hand, they will give you Uncharted 3 for only £2.99.

Retailer GAME is offering a similar deal if you trade in either Battlefield 3, FIFA 12, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon or Batman: Arkham City the game can be yours for £9.99. Online retailer has the game for £38.89 including delivery, while Amazon has it for £37.91 delivered.

There doesn’t seem any big deals being offered on the game though and even though it’s a PS3 exclusive, is a bit disappointing. Are you going to get Uncharted 3?



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