Uncharted 3 review roundup – a true masterpiece

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2011

Today Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is finally available in North America, it would be an understatement to say that the previous two games in the series have set a solid foundation for the third instalment to build upon, but what do the critics make of 2011’s biggest PS3 exclusive?

Let’s cut to the chase, if you liked the other two games in the series you are going to love Uncharted 3, if you can only afford one game before Christmas – buy Uncharted 3, if you have been looking for an excuse to buy a PS3 here it is – it’s that good!

Want some proof? Well let’s start with the opinion of the most reputable video game sites out there, IGN, they scored it a perfect 10 out of 10, you can see there review for yourself here. In terms of presentation, graphics, sound, gameplay and lasting appeal it got 10/10, meaning that it is faultless – we have never seen a game receive a perfect score like this. IGN’s Greg Miller summed things up by saying “If you’re willing to skip Uncharted 3, be prepared to miss one of gaming’s finest moments”.

Obviously one review cannot prove that this game is really a masterpiece, so let’s point you in the direction of some other reputable reviews which game Drake’s Deception top marks. The Official PlayStation Magazine gave it a perfect score here, so did GamePro (here) and 1UP (here).

In the interest of fairness we have to point out that not everyone thinks this game is perfection, EuroGamer’s Simon Parkin scored it just 8/10, you can see why he gave it such a relatively low score here. Finally one website called A.V. Club scored the game a B- (which equates to 5/10) – here is what they say: “Two years after Thieves, Uncharted’s gameplay mechanics and conventions are no longer dated; they’re borderline archaic” – we think that the site has just done this to get page views, therefore we aren’t even going to bother linking you to the review, but if you are determined to see it check out MetaCritic for the link along with dozens of other reviews.

Now that you have got to play Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception leave us a comment below with the score you would give it out of 100, feel free to accompany your score with a summary of why you gave it this.

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  • Evldrgnx

    I think if they look they will see that IGN gave Metal Gear Solid 4 (Another PS3 Exclusive) a 10 out of 10 as well.

  • Stan799

    Thank you for this wonderful article, as for AV Club, giving U3 a C (not B- as you have mentioned) 5/10 should be their most shameful moment, ruining a masterpiece just to get views is just terrible and that website should be banned from metacritic. For a game that already has 17…yes seventeen…10/10 scores on metacritic, cannot get a 5/10 even by the most hated or toughest reviewer and btw that same site gave White Night Chronicles an A(above 90) :D, its nothing but a big joke!!

    • Robb_0909

      Picked up the game today but haven’t played it yet. In my opinion Uncharted is the best single series I have every played. This is the reason I own a PS3.