Official Skyrim strategy guide: Explorers Vs Collectors debate

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2011

We recently informed you that an 25 minute gameplay clip of Skyrim had leaked out showing the introduction to the game, and now we have more details to share with you which surfaced over the weekend. There will be an official strategy guide for Skyrim, and to say it will be packed with content to the rim is an understatement.

Prima Games recently revealed a picture of the official strategy guide, and we can tell you if you don’t already know that it is going to be a whopping 655 pages in length. You can see just how thick the book is by checking out a teaser image below, courtesy of GameZone.

Bethesda’s Pete Hines was unsurprisingly the first to get his hands on the guide, and he believes the book, or tome as he put it will serve as both a weapon and a guide, depending on how frequent you decide to use it.

And that brings us on to our main topic: Who is actually going to use the Skyrim guide on day one? We see a lot of debate brewing on how it is better to find everything yourself as it keeps the surprise element in tact as you’re playing, but those who just can’t resist finding every single item 100% may prove that the strategy guide is simply too tempting to turn down.

Another popular choice for RPG fans is to buy a strategy guide for a game, play through it and then use the strategy guide on your next run through to see what items you missed. Of course, this isn’t any ordinary RPG and most Skyrim fans will be spending hundreds and hundreds of hours on the first playthrough alone.

Will you be buying this strategy guide, or do you trust your Elder Scrolls instincts to just play through the game on your own? Considering the Skyrim guide seems to be the first of its kind at over 650 pages, fans may just be buying it for the fact that its another physical item to collect for the game along with the Collector’s Edition goodies.

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  • Dovaslayer

    I want the collectors edition just to have it I mean I’m 40 or so hours in so I don’t need the help. Its just so well put together. Idk I just want it, it has pretty pictures

  • Dovakhiin

    I rather agree with Petite…the main reason I would happen to use these guides would be to access character builds so I could attempt to have a well-built character from the beginning. It would be less about having the walkthrough, so-to-speak, and more about just knowing which route I want to take from the beginning of the game. And if I *were* to get in a jam, how lucky for me that I have a bit of help from the Skyrim Bible, eh? I’ve chosen to go all-out for one game this year, and this one seems to be it. With any luck, it will prove to be as good as they all say it is.

  • Ajhsjldf


    That is all.

  • Ps2198889

    how out of context did you take the “weapon or a guide thing”

    he was implying it was thick enough to be a weapon

  • Petiteballerine

    The best guides have what things are as well as where they are. Builds for characters, lore and background, monster info. And who hasn’t wanted something in a shop that you can’t afford then forgotten where it is? Who hasn’t had a WTF? moment? I love books, so it’s natural to like a good book about a good game even though there will be tons of info online. The book is more intimate, like a tome from the game. But, no spoilers for me. After I scour a big dungeon I might check the guide to see if I went to every part of it. (compare my map to the guide full map) You can read up on guilds. Maybe joining one will not allow you to join another. All sorts of useful fun with a good guide book. Especially years from now when you’re waiting for TES VI and are playing through the “old” one.  – BC.

  • Anonymous

    The dudes at the game store pleaded and begged me (damn near sucked my left testicle) to purchase this book.  I said, “Look, If I really need to know how to do part of a quest or something, I’ll google it.” That was the end of that conversation.

    • Anonymous

      haha, nice lagwag

  • I think this time round the Story AI could well defeat the use of a guide. Because much of what you do in game only you will do, and few others. How can that go in a guide?

  • Moodster

    I preordered it already but I’m gonna play through it a few times before I use it. But I’ll definitely peek through it while on the throne.

  • Guest

    I don’t know why but these articles are always.. annoying. It’s like you try tweak old stories to make them new or something, but think we won’t notice.

  • Moumou

    You guys are really pathetic. Always late, always unimaginative.

    • Anonymous

      There was me thinking Call of Duty fans were the worst around. We like
      to offer opinions and debate at PR, rather than just report the news
      which you’ve probably already read on sites like IGN, Eurogamer and so

      It seems like most of you would rather complain all the time, rather
      than offer some constructive thoughts on the topic in question – in this
      case it’s about whether you want to buy the Skyrim guide or not – a
      perfectly acceptable question I thought, maybe not.

      If you’re not enjoying the Skyrim feedback, there’s plenty of other websites like N4G and Destructoid where you’ll find plenty of other commenters like yourself to make yourself feel at home.

      • Deadlymistake

        personally i would rather have the game not just the strat guide 

        • Deadlymistake

          oops i replied on the wrong comment damn

  • Nocturnicide

    im buying it, getting it before the game, reading it then playing to my hearts content. work can wait.

    • Anonymous

      That’s gonna be some read if you plan to read the whole thing before playing it, least you won’t miss anything!

      • Ozan Ozbeker

        Im buying it for two reasons. one, when it comes to a game like skyrim, im a perfectionist. second, it’s “tecnicaly” reading a book in class.

        • Retox

          Ozan, I think the next book you should read should “tecnicaly” be the dictionary…

    • Deadlymistake

      personally i would rather have the game not just the strat guide