MW3 Vs Battlefield 3: First week sales and switching servers

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2011

It’s clear that Battlefield 3 is a great game. Sure there are numerous problems with the online multiplayer spoiling it for some, but overall – it’s a fantastic experience. This has just been reflected by EA’s announcement of first week sales for the DICE shooter, and the company has broken records.

Battlefield 3 now becomes EA’s fastest selling game ever according to EA’s internal estimates, and there is little doubt that EA will be delighted with the reception so far. We too have been loving it, and after playing all weekend we can tell you that riding a tank with a friend across Caspian Border on Conquest was some of the most enjoyable hours we have had for a long time on a game.

Here’s some recent feedback from EA in relation to Battlefield 3 managing to sell 5 million copies in its first week alone. EA exec Patrick Soderlund said this, as reported from Eurogamer:

”It is extremely gratifying to deliver an entertainment experience that delights our fans, and to have the opportunity to introduce new people to the franchise. Already, we are seeing unprecedented play times and online activity which is very rewarding. This launch solidifies Battlefield as a leading entertainment brand.”

The question on our minds now though, is will that ‘leading entertainment brand’ manage to hold off Activision’s imminent Modern Warfare 3? Their game launches on November 8 and Battlefield 3’s online player count is likely to take a considerable hit once Infinity Ward unleash their online multiplayer to the world.

Considering that Modern Warfare 2 reportedly sold 4.7 million copies in the first 24 hours in just the UK and US, it is almost inevitable that EA won’t be able to match Activision once again in the sales department. Anticipation for MW3 is also unprecedented too, so don’t be surprised if Modern Warfare 3 ends up being the biggest entertainment product of the year, again.

While EA and Activision fight it out over sales, popularity and gameplay is what matters to gamers the most. How much are you enjoying Battlefield 3 at the moment, and do you think you’ll leave the BF3 servers for a few weeks to play MW3?

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  • Jmaston00

    mw3 is better battlefield sucks sure we all agree that in bf3 u get vechlies in multiplayer not in mw3 but nothing beats cod unless ur talking bout ac revaltions or arkham city thier bit better but mw3 has more player modes u cant see who killed you in bf3 u can in mw3 point blank the only thing about bf3 that is it sucks bad P.S if u like bf3 then basicilly ur a total dumbass f**k battlefield 3 choose mw3

  • CStorme33

    I have been a Battlefield fan since Battlefield 2 and then 2142.  Those two games were the only games I played for years.  My 2 boys finally got me into console games on the Xbox 360 and I then got into Battlefield Bad Co. 2.  Since my 2 boys live with their mother (3 1/2 hrs away from me), and the only way you will spend time with them is through video games online, I bought MW2 and Black Ops since they played the heck out of those two games.  I enjoyed the game play of the COD series in a different ways than the battlefield series.  I pre-ordered both Battlefield 3 and MW3.  To comment on switching servers from BF3 to MW3 – it depends on what I’m in the mood for and what my boys are in the mood to play also.  When I want something really fast paced with cool sounds when you achieve something then I go with MW3.  When I want more complexity with vehicles I go with BF3.  I do think that BF3 looks better overall and the fact that you can destroy almost everything is a plus, but in MW3 the people (soldiers) look better.  I say, there’s no reason that you can’t like them both.  At this moment I like them both the same and I will switch from server to server between them.

  • Gratefullaz

    I have a couple of Months in actual gametime in the COD series and a month in just BlOPs playtime making it to Prestige 15 and then restarted. I also made to prestige 10 in MW2. I was so excited to get MW3 preordered and counted down the days. I also pre-ordered BF3 my first time playing the series. It was a little slow and I kept respawning at base and trying to find action and it was not the adrenaline rush of CoD.  2 weeks go by I learn how to spawn, use equipment and get familiar with the game and really enjoyed it. Finally the big day arrives and I leave work early to play MW3 on the day of its release. What a let down as colors and graphics are awful, maps are boxy and very linear and I kept getting disconnected. I had had enough so I throw BF3 back in and was just amazed at how much better it looked, how much more fun it was to play and how much more involved it was. I will probably play some BlOPs this weekend and give MW3 another chance but I have already given it about 10Hrs and it is a huge let down with horribly designed maps ( what’s next a map of a race track where you run in a circle while the guys you kill spawn behind you). I look forward to getting home to play BF3 but not MW3 is just disappointing

  • [FTT]

    I was a die-hard COD fan.  Then I tried BF3.  I think I’ll stick with BF3.  This is the first “shooter” where I’ve actually been engaged in struggles in chokepoints that take like 15 minutes to play out.  In certain maps, you’ll find 4 squads battling it out in a hallway, and it takes quite some time for a victor to emerge.  This is a very different experience then COD, where such stalemates do not exist.  Also, though not my style, the “sniper” class in BF3 is actually useful, as the maps are very large, and the snipers are actually very useful to supress enemy advancement. 
    Its true, COD is designed to be more of an arcade experience, and if thats what you prefer, it certainly delivers – I for one and embarassed at how long I played each game (really wish they didnt track the hours spent in game, just reiterates how many nights I stay up after the kids and wife go to bed and play a stupid video-game), but I think that I found I really enjoy the “slightly more realistic” version. 
    Either game will no doubt entertain – you should just be aware that they achieve that enjoyment in different ways.

  • Tom Stringer

    I have been a fan of the COD series. MW was (is) a brilliant game, I bought my PS3 just to play that and FIFA, but it’s a joke that the MW developers have repackaged MW2 with new maps, and done a bit of tinkering here and there, slapped a 3 on it and there you have MW3, thats lazy.. If they wanted to compete at the same level as BF3, they should have designed a brand new engine to run it, like DICE did with their Frostbite 2 engine.
     At the end of the day everyone knows what both games are about, BF3 is a more realistic game, with vehicles at your disposle on huge detailed maps. MW3 is a sandbox for a younger generation who smoke crack while they play videogames so they can keep up with the run, gun, die. Run, gun, die theme. Battlefield definitley encourages team work that immerses me into the game that much more. MW is more fast paced action. Of course I think MW3 will likely sell more units as it’s a better known brand. Hopefully they have really spruced things up with the tinkering!

  • Johnson_Forrest

    you mean would I want to trade in an enjoyable strategy team-based game for one where I:
    run around with gun x like my head cut off,
    have no team work and big egos,
    listen to 13yr old boys curse and wine?

    I’ll think I’ll pass on that.

  • SuckMyGlock

    Ive been a fan of both series since the beggining (BF 1942 and the ORIGINAL call of duty [woah man]). Ive heard the arguments and am well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. When it comes down to it EA has done a great job of delivering a new and true to the original experience. While BF3 does shine the most on PC Ive spend a good 20 hours playing it on console and it ROCKS.  From what Ive seen of MW3 and what I experienced with black ops Im pretty disappointed in the direction Activision has taken the series. MW to me is hands down the best shooter of the last decade, but it hasnt made any great leaps since then. MW2 satisfied our cravings for more of what MW delivered but is MW3 going to be a step in that same direction? Im hoping when I pick up my copy it wont be but I have an overwhelming fear that its going to be the same game with a new coat of paint.

  • MillerTimeBNM

    I have already decided to trade in my BF3 towards MW3 next Tuesday. BF3 is not my style. COD has been for me and will still be the definitive console shooter experience. It’s the perfect mix of arcade and fast paced action. Realism isn’t always “better” when it comes to video games and to be honest I personally like the look and feel of MW2 far better then the graphics and feel in BF3. For me, it’s MW3 all day long. Just my personal preference.

  • Trekki

    i would have bought it for the pc but since they have decide to keep dedicated servers UNRANKED only then i and alot of my clan members atleast 20 or so are not bying it and will stay with BF3 and BOs

  • Ex-MW

    If COD had updated the graphics I would’ve but when I saw the trailers I just thought nice MW2 was getting some new maps! I was wrong they decided to charge full price for pretty much an expansion pack.

  • killinggod

    i for 1 is not leaving bf3 for mw3 cant same the same for my lass as i had to pre-order her mw3