Modern Warfare 3: Multiplayer map list offers tactical advantage

With just days before the global release of Modern Warfare 3, we have one pretty worthwhile leak to tell you about. Somebody has apparently captured screenshots all the multiplayer maps included in the game, providing players with a tactical advantage of getting to know the layout of a map before release.

Considering that there are already pirated copies of Modern Warfare 3 in circulation on the internet, it looks like these pictures are the real deal and it also confirms previous rumors that there will be a total of 16 multiplayer maps in MW3.

Thanks to TheTechGame who have revealed the images on their website after a user posted the details on their forum, we can bring you the names of the maps, which are actually already on the Call of Duty Wiki anyway – so this part isn’t really a leak.

The 16 Maps, in alphabetical order are Arkaden, Bakaara, Bootleg, Carbon, Dome, Downturn, Fallen, Hardhat, Interchange, Lockdown, Mission, Outpost, Resistance, Seatown, Underground and Village:

If you want to see the mini map images showing what each map will look like, head over to TheTechGame as Infinity Ward may not be too happy if we post them here. Interchange looks pretty exciting we have to say, while there does seem to be quite a lot of small maps in MW3 too, with Fallen possibly being the biggest map in Modern Warfare 3, judging by the pictures.

Do you already know somebody with a leaked copy of the game? We have one week to release, but we bet there are still further surprises in store. Don’t be surprised if we see a ton of multiplayer footage leaked before November 8 as well, Infinity Ward has a task on their hands if they are going to stop all leaks coming in.

From the list and after viewing the pictures, which map looks the most interesting to you? Do the images excite you, or are you worried there’s too many small maps on first impressions?



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