GTA 5 spoilers from leak, San Andreas, 64 players and more

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2011

The official Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is less than a day away, however it looks like someone wanted to ruin the mystery surrounding this highly anticipated title by leaking lost of spoiler regarding the next GTA installment – whether this is in fact accurate is hard to tell, so keep reading if you don’t mind discovering some potential spoilers.

Apparently the game is once again set in San Andreas, this time in 2012, you start the game in Los Santos on your rival’s turf after getting robbed and beaten up, the character you play is Hispanic and called Adrian. This time round the game revolves massively around money, there will be the same cities from GTA San Andreas, but a lot bigger and more detailed.

In terms of gameplay you can expect an improved cover system and much smoother movement, when driving there will be 9 radio stations to tune into and there will be car modding. It is also worth knowing that if you manage to rack up a 5 star wanted level the National Guard will be called in.

Throughout the game we are told that decisions you make have a much larger effect on the story, there are said to be 4 different endings, two of which are good, the others bad. Massive spoilers: We are told that some (or perhaps all) endings will result in your character, Adrian, dying, but you then get to play as his brother.

If you are looking to play multiplayer game modes on Xbox Live / PSN we are told that there will be support for up to 32 players, entirely new game modes and co-op story – we’re not sure how many players can partake in the game’s co-op story mode.

Lots of information has leaked regarding the PC version of the game, apparently this time round the game has been optimized for PC much more than GTA 4 was, there will also be support for 64 player multiplayer and dedicated servers. It also looks like the PC version of GTA 5 will launch at the same time as the console variants.

Some other things we should quickly list include: Gang wars will take place in the game, also each gang will have their own graffiti and you can tag stuff with custom sprays and expect more girlfriends, parachutes and fun cheats.

There you go folks that’s everything we know so far (thanks to BotchWeed). As previously mentioned we don’t know how legit this info is, so don’t take it too seriously for now, the person who leaked the details claims that tomorrows trailer will last 1min 4 seconds and will give us a glimpse of the city, there will no real action. If this information regarding the trailer is confirmed tomorrow when it officially arrives we have no reason to believe that rest of the leak is a hoax.

Do you think that this leak will turn out to be genuine?

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  • nonamefuckers

    fuckin bitch,there’s no adrian.there’s 3 playable characters called franklin, trevor, and michael…
    fake as hell

  • mcgoobyballs

    I’d like to see it in Louisiana– or a ‘Louisiana based’ city/state
    but id be great if you could customize your character – like full on height/weight/gender etc.
    not just clothes.
    But I can’t wait to play it anyways.
    I wonder what cars they are gonna put in it.
    Well all we can do is wait and see.

  • feckme

    #1, this info has no credibility whatsoever, its as about as dependable as wikipedia. notice how none of these things are far fetched, when yet rockstar seems to have surprised everyone in each and every game, for example, gta iv’s surprise was obviously the graphics. before gta iv we had the ps2 graphics, just think, only two years before gta iv was released, gta vc stories. have a look at their graphics. and then compare. i nearly pissed my pants. even though a lot of these facts are highly believable, there has to be at least one big leap from gta iv to gta v. however there is a possibility that the leap could be the many more options that you had in gta san andreas than everything before it. in gta vice city, you couldn’t even swim, and then in san andreas you could do, well just about anything. if theres a lot of more actions we could do in gta v than gtaiv, then i would say that the info is likely to be correct.

  • GTA: World Wide XD  “Yo I’m gunna jack this Battle Ship!”

  • Unnamed

    Not impressed, its a souped up version of GTA:SA. When’s Rockstar going to move out of US and base the game in a city of other countries? Things get too boring and repetitive

    • GO USA!!

      No they don’t.  USA rules.  They should go back to Miami.  Or D.C.  Or do another San Andreas type and base it in Atlanta.  Screw Europe. 

  • Abhijitsr21

    not genuine the trailer in 1 min 24 secs

  • Pedropriou3

    He was wrong

  • yurop

    lol guess he was right

  • meow

    Notice you forgot to mention this leak was just a random 4chan post.

    How in anyway does that lend it even the slightest bit of credibility? If one is to write up an article on a source so doubtful, said source should at least be mentioned

  • Anonymous

    Not buying this leak at all. I’m sorry. I can’t believe a lot of websites fell for it either. The story reeks. It actually sounds really, really bad!

  • blakel

    LOL.. From a reliable Anon source over at 4Chan… common guys…. really?

  • Trévon K


  • Nzdravye

    Anything for headline material, eh – even reposting 4chan conjecture. How pathetic.

  • LC

    >believing 4chan

  • Jake

    I think its bs. I do believe it will take place in LA but don’t believe we are going through another mexican perspective its been different every time so far and im expecting that to hold up.

    • What other mexican perspective was there?

      • Dman3145

        ballad of gay tony, louis was hispanic but u get the point

        • Paul

          LOL What does that have to do with mexicans? Louis was puerto rican.

  • Anon


    It originated on a website called “4chan”. 4chan is a hub of social vagrants, and habitual liars… I know this because I frequent the video games section of the site known as /v/.

  • Flem

    This is bullshit. Your supposed “leak” is nothing more than a 4chan fake. Congratulations…

  • Jmeth94

    I think its legit!!! BUT we will see in 12 hours.

  • Mwilliams840

    well san andreas sounds fun but wouldnt it make more sense to put a hispanic in miami (vice city)

    • Cooleyseven

      Mexico is closer to California so no

    • Whatareyoutalkingabout

      haha. what does that even mean?

      that makes as much sense as using a canadian in texas.

    • Gobacktoschool

      geography fail.

    • Sam Tuchin

      are you retarded? los angeles is in california, which is directly above Mexico.

  • Daryl Dixon

    sounds like they answered all the pleas of the San Andreas fans… almost too good to be true.

  • Charliesheen22

    seriously any credible site would not use 4chan as a source for “rumors”