Galaxy Nexus release date: Black Friday 2011 and December fears

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2011

If you are set on picking up the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon at somepoint this month, the exact date of release in the US is still very much up in the air with Samsung’s confirmation that the device will be launching on November 17th in Europe.

Europeans now know when they’ll be able to get their hands on Google’s latest effort, but the same cannot be said for US consumers sadly as there are still contradicting reports for when the device will release across the shores.

It has now gone from a rumored release date of November 10 in the US, to a possible release at the end of November, or even worse – a release sometime in December. Take a look at the following quote from The Telegraph as reported from Droid-Life, which cites information from Samsung representatives:

”At a recent Samsung European launch…the company confirmed that the European launch will precede the device going on sale in America and the rest of the world.”

Would you be willing to wait until the end of November or even the first weeks of December for the Galaxy Nexus? Don’t forget that the Droid RAZR will release on Verizon on November 10th, while there is also the very attractive proposition on AT&T as they’ll offer the Galaxy S II Skyrocket as early as November 6th.

Just as a point of interest, one week after the 17th is November 24th, otherwise known as Black Friday in the US – would Verizon really choose to launch the Galaxy Nexus on Black Friday we wonder? Then of course, we’re into December after that so considering that Verizon and Samsung has been very reluctant to drop a solid release date as of yet – we’d say a release in December is very much a possibility.

How desperate are you to get your hands on the Galaxy Nexus? Are you shocked that you may have to wait until December to get one?

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  • November 24th is Thanksgiving, so likely it will not launch that day.

  • I just wish they would put up a preorder,Then we would all know when we will get it. & yes I am waiting for it.

  • Zombie Killer

    The device itself is of little interest to me, what IS of interest, is the SOURCE CODE for Android 4.0, which is supposed to be release only after devices ship….

  • Verizon is easily the most bloated and and arrogant carrier I’ve ever experienced. I am a former Alltel customer, and I was almost dumbfounded by the decrease in customer service that occurred after the takeover. The network may be good, but four out of my last five interactions with them were extremely negative-despite being a genuinely polite and reliable customer on a large family plan.

    My contract ends in 8 weeks. If Sprint announces the Galaxy Nexus within that time frame, I am theirs-4G or not. I’d rather settle for 3G data speeds and be well taken care of.