Battlefield 3: Tehran Highway lag – How bad is it for you?

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2011

If you have been playing Battlefield 3 online constantly since it launched last week, you may have noticed that there seems to be considerable lag issues with one map in particular which is proving to be very frustrating for gamers.

It’s quite strange too, as this is the only map where gamers are reporting big lag issues. We have played Tehran Highway a lot too and we can agree that it does seem to lag the most, compared to other maps.

We’ve done a bit of digging round, and it looks like most Battlefield 3 gamers are having the same problems as well. Here are some of the complaints coming in from Twitter:

”@Demize99 How long till these server issues (lag) are resolved (xbox), and Tehran highway is fixed? (rubberbanding)”

”@Battlefield Not sure if you’re still taking lag reports but major lag on Tehran Highway playing conquest (Xbox 360). Fun game though.”

‘@Battlefield Tehran Highway seems to lag alot when playing, players flicking back and forward and tanks etc”

”@Battlefield please take a look at Tehran Highway on PS3! It has horrible lag making it unplayable. Please take it out of rotation til fixed”

As you can see, most users are submitting their complaints to the official Battlefield Twitter page in the hope of some quick response from from EA. We’re guessing that judging by the frequent amount of complaints coming in, EA DICE are probably already working on a fix to solve the lag on Tehran Highway as we speak.

Just to repeat though, this is the only map on mulitplayer that seems to be hit the worst. We’ve included a related video as well so you can see it happening on PC as well in case you thought it’s just on console versions. Skip to around 11.20 to see one instance of the lag on the map.

Are you having lag problems on Tehran Highway? If so, what version of the game are you playing? We’ll try and reach out to EA for a response on this.

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  • Fernando

    Battlefield 3 for pc works very bad: origin is alwais disconected so the game fall down.

    Black screens,crashes,white screens freeze,disconnections  and more other.After 2 months is still full of bugs.

    e@ game doesn’t fixing the problems.

  • Fernando19922

    I have several problems too:I bought bf 3 for pc and for x box 360;

    There are differents issues but they are too much.

    I have a long list of bugs,disconnection,black screens, sound crash and other.

    I wanna be refunded from ea game but they will not.

    So I complained hard for bugs and they banned me.

    So I spent 60 euros + 65 euros for both platforms and I lost my money.

    In future I will not buy no more ea games for me and friends.;

    I forgotten: Also my friends have several issues.

    Ea game I think you are the shame of  software houses becouse to get money fast you sold out a beta and not a real game.

  • Raskilinov

    Thank god you put this Alan, I thought I was alone on this issue when playing on Tehran. 

    • Anonymous

      No problem, nobody seems to have reported it, but it actually is quite a major issue in the game. Guessing it will be fixed up soon.. nobody likes to be shooting enemies twice a few seconds apart do they? 🙂

  • Dynasty2021

    Tehran Highway has been the source of the majority of lag complaints, particularly around the bridge/walkway on the PC.

    I for one am bemused by all these complaints, as I have never experienced lag anywhere on that map.

  • Lunt007

    There is bad lag on all of the maps on Africa servers, just isnt fun playing

    • Rod

      Also having problems on all maps. I thought it was because I hadn’t set my ports but clearly it’s BF3 problem.
      After all the hype what an epic let down.

  • Lots of lag on Caspian Border (Xbox) too.  It hasn’t effected me as much as it has my friends, they find the map mostly unplayable.  Generally all the maps are a lag fest, I wouldn’t say Tehran is particularly worse in my experience… they all need sorting out! 

    I’m also getting one hit killed by automatic weapons constantly.  Most prominently the M416 and SCAR. Its the same problem that was in the beta, health dropping in a split second when only one bullet appears to hit.