What is your biggest Battlefield 3 problem? PC patch update incoming

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2011

We have some good news for those of you who are starting to get a bit frustrated with the PC version of Battlefield 3. EA DICE has confirmed that a patch update is on the way and will aim to significantly improve some areas of the game that gamers are having problems with.

Daniel Matros is the Battlefield Community Manager at DICE and he has recently posted an update to the Battlelog news feed, informing everyone that the PC version of the game will soon be issued with a server client update.

We know a lot of you are experiencing problems with the game ranging from lag on Tehran Highway to not being able to join squads probably and getting kicked out of game when switching rounds. Judging by feedback seen on the official Battlefield Twitter and on Battlelog news, it’s nice to see DICE working around the clock to make the gameplay on all three platforms a better experience.

Here are the areas that will be addressed in the server client update, as taken from Battlelog:

– Fix for crashes usually occurring during level switches. Server providers may see a little bit of memory leakage instead in this situation

– Game servers should no longer quit in some situations where the online backend servers are down. Server will reconnect to the backend once it’s up again

– Fix for ghost servers which didn’t accept connections

– Kick reasons should better match situations where they are issued. This will help battlelog provide more accurate information to the player

– Connection fixes to avoid players sometimes being rejected while joining the game server on one of the last slots

– Security updates

– Improved server logging

Of course, many of you will feel that many of the problems should have been fixed before the game went on sale, especially after a long public beta. We say though that the game is more than playable at the moment and should become even better once DICE fix up the game further with patch updates. Expect more on the way for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, but for those playing on PC – Let us know your status with the game so far and what your biggest problem is at the moment.

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  • Ranger_vet

    Toss the Damn in game (MP) Chat/Message screen…….It takes up way too much space and interferes with your feld of view…….It’s very closs to a wall of blue that you can’t see through…

  • Zuhair

    The game crashes when it switches from level 1 to level four after that train part ends…

  • Joonas Valta

    Hi i have all the hardware needed to play and first it was perfect and now my biggest problem is that everytime the round ends and it should show the points and prizes and badges it just freezes and you can only see the smoky backround and if i press some button it closes the game

  • Dewh2004

    the game will not play for me. you try to load it and it has no picture then quits. can some one help.
    i have windows 7 with amd i7 ami video card 5700 crossfire 12mg.

  • Sectoid1

    nVidia surround problems are a must fix. I have read dozens of forum pages and googled like crazy to find a solution or a workaround. There is none. All HUD elements are scaled wrong on the left monitor. It’s all a mess.

    Other than that the game runs fine, it’s a major let down for me since I pre-ordered the damn thing and upgraded my rig for double N580GTX SLI. This cant be a big problem, since everything else in the game works. FIX IT PLEASE!

  • Zer0Sum

    Triple Screen Mode Loses Friendly/Foe Triangle Indicators:

    I’m a PC gamer with a computer rig with two GTX580s in SLI pushing triple monitors (nVidia Surround).

    Whenever I try to play BF3 using all three monitors (5760×1080) I lose all of the little blue and red triangles over all the players heads indicating friendly and foe.  This makes the game unplayable. So I have to reduce down to single screen mode and then the blue triangles over the friendly heads and red triangles over foes heads (when they are spotted) return as normal. 

    I have seen other posts in other forums that this exact same issue also occurs with users of ATI’s EyeFinity triple screen solution, so it is not specifically only a NVIDIA or ATI issue, it is something with BF3 that causes the player triangles to disappear when in triple screen (5760×1080) resolution.

    I’m really hoping that either a patch of BF3 and/or a graphics driver update will correct this issue and let us return to full triple screen nirvana.


  • Konman

    I don’t see a fix for the negative mouse acceleration listed here. What gives?! 

  • Tobebrees

    I am playing on a PC with all the needed specs
    The biggest problem for me is that the mp game freezes after about 5 minutes every time. I  have done everything what should be THE solution nothing works everytime after about 5 minutes all stops

  • Thataboy85

    I have alot of lagging issues with the ps3 version of the game! And also the game disconnecting from the EA. Servers! I hope BF3 doesn’t fall by the way side when MW3 comes out!!!

  • Vandx13

    1-have bsod iven at their recomended setings for my gpu its a gtx 260
    2-ive seen that the gpu can guet beter options but when i choose them bumm another bsod
    3-nvidia drivers did somthing to my sistem that i had to reset the gpu complitley off becouse  of black airtefacts when i moved the mousse o my good texturs out of the place in last mission buy the house we can actual see some vase with trees sky high oh men i could guet on going with this but ohhhhhh and one more thing try to release a patch that doesnt keep my 2 cores at 100 per cent ok i also have to  put more cooling and more cooling =more noise iven crysis 2 dont use 2 cores of my cpu at 100 per cent try to keep the load one core2dous i now its old but can aford more right now and i buy the game its not a copy so if you guys from dice could do that well that wold be massive and the best war game i ever played

  • BF3 Issues:

    1) Game Crashes after 3-5 minutes of gameplay and shows error “Battlefield 3 has stopped working”
    2) There needs to be an option to hide chat window or make chatbox smaller
    3) Mouse stuttering issues – Frame rate is 40+ but mouse stutter makes the game unplayable
    4) Random flashes of green – Seen this both in Xbox and PC version

    • Bioclone_ax46

       Excessively long loading times for both multiplayer and campaign : dont know you on online, but me the fist map of the day takes me a maximun of 4-5 mins, but the next ones less than 1:30 min

  • Duffman

    I have huge problems. 5 times out of 6 (roughly) it wont let me log in. Instead BF3 shuts down. Other times when I get in it crashes, making me having to hardboot the PC. It seems to have become worse the last 2 days too for some reason

  • Matt

    There should be a patch that allows a player to cook grenades.

    • Bioclone_ax46

      you can, instead use the shorkut 4 grenades (G buton) select as weapon the grenade (5) and hold left click, aprox the grenades takes 15 secs to explode.

      -All of this on PC, no idea on consoles

  • Sssss

    game closes sometimes when someone else on the same internet on a different pc joins the same server it will close the game for the person that is already playing on that server and the person that got there game closed can’t rejoin because it loads foreva sometimes its really anoying

  • Mattyb

    “We say though that the game is more than playable at the moment and
    should become even better once DICE fix up the game further with patch

    That’s all very well and good if you can actually play the game!

    I’ve had it for 5 days now and haven’t finished an online match yet, my system is more than capable of running it on ultra settings in single player but in muliplayer It crashes with a myriad of erro rmessages coming up. It even has the gall to accuse me of not having enough video memory in my 560ti!!

    This is a great game, but I wish I could play it for more than 5 mins to find out truly how great it is.

    Dice have let a lot of people down with this one, and that’s something noone can possibly begin to deny.

  • Dynasty2021

    I have only had 3 problems:

    BF3.exe error, where it goes ”Battlefield 3 has stopped working” when trying to connect after taking a break and having to login again.  First server you try and connect to, loads the level, then ‘crashes’.  Click Join again and it loads fine, provided the server hasnt filled up by the time you try again.  Amazing how quick a 45/60 server fills up.

    And some sound bugs, where my footsteps, gunfire or tank’s engine noises kind of cut out for a second or two, usually until you stop firing/moving, then it works fine.  Happens very rarely though.

    Rubberbanding lag is expected and happens on some servers.  On 64 player serves though, it is almost guaranteed to have annoying lag, not unplayable, but definitely game changing.  Net coding needs some tweaking I think.

    Other than that, it’s a pretty damn good release.  Far less bugs than you would expect from a game these days.

    Yes there are some bumps that need ironing out, but they’re overshadowed by the sheer awesomeness of this game.

  • Dodo21x

    My BIGGEST problem?? Game is crashing after 4min gameplay (and ist not just my biggest problem)

    • R Meeks

      my problem please reinstall the game , have twice and ran repairt and look for up dates. i do have mimium requirments or better

    • Jeebs17

      This happened with me, and it was because my GPU voltage was to low, try bumping it up. Fixed it for me 🙂