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New Macbook: Thinnest New Air or next-gen Pro release

Following on from Apple’s recent Macbook Pro hardware upgrade, we have some information that should excite Macbook Air fans. Fresh rumors are circulating that Apple is planning to introduce a brand new ‘ultra-thin’ 15-inch Macbook, which could be the thinnest Macbook the company has ever made.

Owners of current Macbook Air models will know just how thin the notebook is, and to think that this could get even thinner is nothing short of mouth-watering. According to a report by Apple Insider though, this new 15-inch Macbook may not be categorized as an ‘Air’ model.

Instead, information cited from Macotakara reveals that this new 15-inch could even be a ‘next generation’ Macbook Pro model, and could go on sale at somepoint next year. Apple are reportedly in testing phases for the new model and have just finished testing LCD components for the device.

If you purchased a new Macbook Pro model over the last few days, you’ll know that new models now come with faster Intel Sandy Bridge processors as well as much more storage space and also a better AMD Radeon graphics card if you pick up the premium 15-inch and 17-inch models of the Macbook Pro. If Apple finalize this new 15-inch Macbook for release in 2012, it could well come equipped with Intel’s new Ivy bridge processor which apparently offers a 20% increase in CPU performance – Sandy Bridges are said to offer a 17% CPU increase in performance.

Another note of interest for Mac fans is that this new 15-inch model is set to come without a DVD disc drive, just like Apple’s Macbook Air models. Regardless of whether this is a new Macbook Pro or Macbook Air, we’re excited to hear more details on this new model. Give us your thoughts on this – are you surprised that Apple may go even thinner than the Macbook Air?



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