Google Halloween Video Doodle: Pumpkin carving design and Santa Claus

You just knew this was coming didn’t you. To celebrate this year’s Halloween celebrations, Google has just gone live with another of their homepage doodles. It isn’t an animation or logo this time though, rather a brilliant video showcasing the creative side of company employees.

Depending on which area you’re living in at the moment, you may not be able to see the new design yet. That means that those of you in the US should see it live in the next hour or so, but those in the UK and parts of Asia and Australia will already be able to see the video on their homepage.

It shows a speeded-up video of employees actually designing the Google Halloween doodle from scratch. The Google letters have been created with pumpkins, with each pumpkin being cut out to correspond with a letter to spell out G-o-o-g-l-e from left to right. In a further twist, each pumpkin has been fitted with glow in the dark lights to create that spooky Halloween effect and at the end of the clip, we see Google switch off the lights and show the finished design in full force.

It is another stroke of genius from the search giant and another logo which we’re sure users will love seeing in the morning. Some of you are probably still out partying in your costumes right now so the logo will serve as the icing on the cake if you decide to hop on online when you get back. For those that can’t see the video yet on Google’s homepage, we’ve added it for you below, as well as a few screenshots showing the design process.

Is this one of the best Google doodle ideas yet in your opinion? We’re loving the randomness going on in the video as well, did anyone else spot the totally random Santa Claus? Happy Halloween everyone!



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