Full iPhone 4 Siri port: Download countdown to jailbreak release

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2011

It was only a matter of time before some clever individual managed to get Siri fully working on the iPhone 4, and it looks like that has now been achieved. We recently told you that Siri had been ported to the iPhone 4, but getting Siri to talk back wasn’t available. Well that has now changed.

The same person responsible for the initial Siri iPhone 4 port, Steven Troughton-Smith has now come back with a new and improved hack and judging by a video showing evidence, it looks like the iPhone 4 is perfectly capable of running Siri as smooth as the iPhone 4S, despite Apple’s claims that the software would only be available on the iPhone 4S.

The disappointing aspect for many of you though, will be hearing that a download still isn’t available, as the developer doesn’t want to get into the nitty gritty and perhaps a legal tussle with Apple for releasing it to the masses. However, he has given an interview to 9to5Mac and revealed that the process requires around 20-steps to complete and needs a ‘validation token’ from the iPhone 4S which has to be jailbroken.

According to Smith, the port is ‘100%’ functional, and you can clearly see in the video below that it handles voice tasks effortlessly with no sign of any slow downs – the iPhone 4 is the white model on the right if you didn’t already know. This is perhaps also a clear sign to consumers that the iPhone 4 has the hardware capable to run Siri without any problems, as many had previously believed that only the iPhone 4S hardware could manage Siri.

The developer said that it took him just 10 minutes to achieve since he already had all of the files he needed, but since he has given a tutorial on how he hacked the iPhone to enable Siri, it will be interesting to see if any other developers try and emulate his success and in-turn provide a public download.

Are you disappointed that there isn’t a download yet, or are you confident that someone else will now stand up and release this based on his tutorial? You can definitely understand his concerns, and he obviously has a lot of respect for Apple to not release it yet.

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  • Bob Dillion

    I think he has more fear than respect;

  • Littlesis1774

    I hope they release soon without a huge legal battle from apple of course. I am planning leaving T-mobile USA in order to get the iphone. Since I can’t afford to go to Verizon and AT&T scares me so that just leaves Sprint. I found this perfect plan that has over 450 minutes with unlimited messaging and unlimited data that 69.99 per month. All of my friends and families are on mobiles anyway so I don’t waste minutes. However Sprint is having problems with iphone 4s because customers is reporting that it is slow but iphone 4 is not having that problem.