EA say Battlefield 3 server issues almost fixed, Xbox 360 95% there

By Gary Johnson - Oct 31, 2011

Battlefield 3 was launched with good reviews especially for the multiplayer part of the game, but unfortunately there have been some problems. The games servers have been unstable for some users, and certain Xbox 360 owners even received invalid online passes for the game. Now we can tell you that EA say the Battlefield 3 server issues are almost fixed, with the Xbox 360 servers at 95%.

The team over Kotaku contacted Electronic Arts about the issues concerning the games servers. The game has already shifted 10 million copies and has seen over 2.2 million gamers log on to play. EA responded by saying that “We are happy to report that PS3 and PC players experienced server stability all weekend, and Xbox 360 servers are at 95 percent and climbing”.

They continued by saying that a variety of different problems affected the server connectivity for all the platforms of the game, and EA’s online teams were working to address any issues as they arise. They promised not to rest until all problems had been completely fixed.

The anti-cheat software Punkbuster caused the PC version to run into trouble, but EA has said this has now been fixed. It seems the Xbox 360 version has had the biggest problems though, and EA acknowledged there will still problems for some users trying to get into matches this morning.

EA added “we are gamers, too, and understand how frustrating it is not to be able to play the game without interruption”. Some of the problems seem to have been caused by the number of gamers trying to get online to play the game. Teams from DICE, IT, Online Services, Origin, Customer Support, QA, Marketing PR, and external partners have all been working to solve any online issues.

The weekend was claimed to be mainly hitch free for the PS3 and PC servers, with only a few Xbox 360 users reporting issues according to EA. Now the company believes the major issues are behind them, but will continue working to everything is 100%.

Have you had any online problems recently with Battlefield 3?

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  • I’m on Xbox. The online servers are generally great… once you’re in them. The main problem is actually joining the servers. When you refresh the server list, it gives you up to about 100 servers which aren’t full when you searched just a second ago. However, it seems that they all fill up straight away! This isn’t so bad when playing alone, but as a group it is a nightmare! It is uncommon to find a server with more than two free slots (that’s out of 100 servers which are apparantly “not full”.)
    The DICE servers seem to be the best for me, which actually do have the free slots they advertise. Even if these fill up, there is a ‘queue’ system on these servers.