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Battlefield 3 PC: Steam or Origin – Does it really matter to you?

If you still haven’t picked up a copy of Battlefield 3 on the PC and usually get your games on Valve’s Steam store, we have some interesting rumors to share with you. Whispers are now gathering on a possible Steam release for the game after EA’s initial stance that they would only be releasing the game on Origin.

There are two vital pieces of evidence that suggest that Battlefield 3 is coming to Steam and one of them appears to be more concrete than the other. If you head to this competition page being held by Sapphire, you’ll see that they are giving away one free copy of the game, but requires the user to redeem his or her code on Steam. Check out a portion of their terms below, as reported from VG247.

”One (1) PC Game code for Battlefield 3, redeemable for the game on Steam ( with a Suggested Retail Price of $USD 59.99”

Futhermore, a user has left a message on the official Steam forums revealing that there are a couple of Steam related files that are already located on the PC version of the game. If you want to check out these files for yourself, head to your installation directory for Punkbuster and you should see them.

If the news turns out to be true, then it means that EA has made a mighty u-turn on their opinions of Steam after initially saying that they wouldn’t be offering the game on Valve’s marketplace. Could it be that gamers are not taking too kindly to buying the game from EA’s own Origin store perhaps?

It’s great news for PC users regardless as it gives users a much easier way of picking up the game as Steam is easily the most used digital distribution store in terms of PC game sales. EA are probably well aware of this, so don’t be surprised to see an official announcement this week.

Would you pick up Battlefield 3 on Steam, should it become available or do you not care about where you get your games from?



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