25 minute Skyrim gameplay leak and Elder Scrolls morals

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2011

This was bound to happen a while before official release, but now somebody has put this out in the open for all to see. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doesn’t release until November 11, but somebody has just uploaded the first 25 minutes from the game.

With just under two weeks to go, you can imagine that Bethesda are not going to be too happy about this, as they have already started to remove the videos that are appearing on YouTube. The video is still available to view online thanks to a DailyMotion upload, but the question is – Will you be tempted to watch it?

Usually with a standard ‘first 15 minutes’ gameplay leak that we have become used to seeing, gamers would click the link at the first opportunity to see a preview before buying it, but since this is a new Elder Scrolls game, it almost seems criminal to do so here with Skyrim.

We admit we’ve clicked the link for about 10 seconds only to check if the footage is real and considering that Bethesda are now on the warpath removing access to the video from YouTube, you can bet that this is the real deal here. We’re guessing that somebody has uploaded footage from a review copy of the game, which obviously they are strictly told not to do – they can kiss goodbye to further pre-release Bethesda games if the company find out who has leaked it.

What we are more interested about though, is the fact that the leak calls your Elder Scrolls morals into question. Have you already watched the first 25 minutes of Skyrim as you don’t care about spoilers, or are you like the many and just refuse to watch it until the full game hits on 11.11.11 – There’s going to be a good divide here for sure, so we can’t wait to see your replies on this.

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  • The Correct Response

    Anyone who watches pre-release footage is committing a crime and should be reported directly to the authorities if caught. I am a game developer myself and would abhor anyone using a finished product in this manner. Games are released & have review embargo laws on a certain date for a reason, as this ensures that people will buy the product (i.e. pre-order it) without actually have the opportunity to review it bvefore purchase. If a customer receives too much information before the final product is released, it could compromise the legitimate sale of it. These laws are put in place to protect game developers, and anyone infringing them (even watching illegal footage on Youtube); should be penalised accordingly.   

  • Charles

    I refuse to watch any footage of the game until release. 

  • where do we go for this

  • Njeggyyy

    where can i find the video?

  • Optara

    I watched it but it has only given stregth to my anticapation seeing as the guy playing passed up a bajillion things. I was yelling wait whats in that other barrel! or whats down that way?! lol

  • I saw a couple of the last minutes and watched some of the character creation… I couldt help it! Btw if you watch it can you tell me why the idiot playing i so incredibly bad? I mean seriously, he just sucks!

  • Jackthemailman

    SPOILER ALERT! DONT READ IF YOU DONT LIKE SPOILERS SPOILER ALERT IN THIS COMMENT! Anyways, I think it awesome how the opening is a cart ride (and not a animation, but a real 3D thing) and how depending on your race the man responds differently. As a amatuer game designer myself, I hate how no one understands the diffuculty of designing games until they have tried it. 

  • Haha

    I don’t see the point of spoiling it now .. not after waiting years for it in the first place! That’s just daft. 

  • there were hardly any spoilers.

    I mean, everything was setting really. Nothing you wouldn’t know from watching interviews.

  • I refuse…

  • Skalywag

    *sigh* Sadly I gave in and watched it. But I don’t feel that bad. With a game like skyrim, I feel that the first 25 minute spoiler isn’t going to completely ruin a game this immense and diverse.  I mean we all know that it was going to start out with your character waiting to be executed. That’s how the elder scrolls always start.

    All you’re really spoiling is the details.

  • BetaGuy

    should read Skyrim_Intro_Part1_720p & Skyrim_Intro_Part2_720p

  • BetaGuy

    easily found, great footage, resist the urge to look up Skyrim_Intro_Part1_720p and Skyrim_Intro_Part3_720p

  • Kyle

    Hey Can someone Send me A download. Kyle@falzon.biz

  • Guest

    I don’t think it’s a morally bad thing, since anyone who is interested enough to watch the video will probably buy the game, no matter what. It will just slightly dampen the fun of the first half hour when you actually get to play it.


    I don’t know if I can get myself to do it. Every second of the game, including character creation and the beginning are all big spoilers to me. I might watch 2 minutes then forcing myself to close it.

  • Austingross805

    can anyone send me a link to this footage? everywhere i look it’s been taken down. austingross805@gmail.com

  • Wpwhite7

    is there anyone who can help me in my search for the leak?

  • Anonymous

    To be honest I watched the two videos and they haven’t spoiled the surprise in any way.  The character creation wasn’t explored and that’s one of the things I’ve been looking forward to the most.  I’ve seen the demo videos that Bethesda officially put out, and watching the leaked footage was like watching those demos.  I’m not saying that’s bad, just that there’s not much being spoiled to me. Twenty-five minutes of the beginning of Skyrim doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’m excited about.

  • I watched it, and saying that there are spoilers is like saying that there would have been spoilers if you were told about the part of Oblivion from the start in the cell to exiting out of the Imperial Prison sewers.  It’s just the start of the game.  And it looks extremely cool.

    I have to say the player was totally lame:  He named his Nord character “Mike”, and he missed all sorts of loot in his headlong rush to the exit.  Bad player, no donut.

    • Anonymous

      His Nord looked just like a preset. No originality at all in my opinion.

    • Lrgfriedtrikn

      hey whats the link to the footage..plz send it to me..lrgfriedtrikn@yahoo.com

  • Soulji

    There were two vids. The first was the opening cutscene and character creation and the second was strictly gameplay footage up until, “Exit to Skyrim”. I only watched the second video. It quench my thirst for new info, yet made the wait more unbearable. I gave in and went back to see the first vid. It rationalized it by saying I just wanted to look at the character creation.

    It had already been removed.

    • Anonymous

      You didn’t miss much in the character creation. The only race you would have seen is the Nord, and a very typical design at that. Hardly worth watching.

  • guest

    won’t be watching, unless it’s the game itself; and then i won’t be seen or heard from again until a month (or longer), has passed = ) 10 days folks…what is that in comparison to 5 years?

  • Watched it immediately. Awesome!

  • Wildman

    I have been soaking up every screen shot, video, and article about Skyrim. And,I know there is the video out there but am I going to watch it? No. As tempting as it is to watch the opening, I have to wait. I have to be able to go beyond that, I have to do it the way I have been waiting to do it. But, it is good to see that those who have seen it seem to approve. Cannot wait!

  • Baraka

    I didn’t watch it, but knowing its there is agonizing…

  • Limitededukation

    I watched the first few seconds and then, without thinking, exited out of my browser. Something told me to just wait the two weeks and experience the whole intro while seamlessly moving into the gameplay. The little taste I got was enough to really make me crazy for the eventual release.

  • spn_phoenix_92

    i watched it this morning, and its gone already. man, was it amazing.

  • Yamama

    Iv waited this long, unless sumone spoiles iit by posting screens of it I’ll just watch it

  • John Doe

    Best. Opening. Ever.

  • JP

    Vereena is right.. I waited 5 years, I won’t spoil this with a diminishing video…

  • Vereena

    To spoil the begginning of a game I was waiting ofr 5 long years? Even if they offer to pay me for watching thi I wouldn’t do it.
    NO, Skyrim is all about discovery and exploration of the world,seeing the begginning is like cheating on your girlfriend… it’s just wrong  🙂

  • MatthewRyanTucker

    Definitely not gonna even try and see it. I want to see it for the first time when I can carry on playing it, or else I think I will explode from anticipation.

    • SkyrimSpoiler

      Your in a cart with some other dudes about to be executed, one guy gets his head lopped off then a dragon comes as your about to lose yours, then you run into a tower and go to the dungeon, and kill some guards and some spiders and a BEAR…

  • Lachie Kraak

    I watched it.. kinda… so amazing :’) I only watched the first 10 minutes but still ^_^

    • John Doe

      The next fifteen minutes are even cooler.

  • I’ve seen it. 

    And I must say…
    It’s the most spectacular 25 minutes of my life. (Video game wise of course!)
    I seen it on youtube, and I was probably one of the last viewers, because I refreshed the page and the video had been taken down. :p
    But seeing that made me so egar to get my hands on this game. I can’t wait. I think they did an amazing job on the introduction to this game. Within the first 10-15 minutes it already had my jaw dropping from this one scene. You’ll know which one I’m talking about when you see it for yourself. Lets just say… HEADS up… Or down. Heheh(;

  • im sad to see fans of skyrim leaking videos about it, its sad when u go and do something like this

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t want to upload it here guys for obvious reasons.. It’s not hard to do a little searching online, and by the way – it’s still up.

  • Anonymous

    Much to do about nothing. 

  • Colin Arlt

    Lol it`s already taken down….

  • Kytherus

    You got a link to this so called” 25 Minute Skyrim Gameplay Leak Video”?

  • A Ferguson57

    Where is the video then?

  • Lukepyeatt

    Where is the video?