25 minute Skyrim gameplay leak and Elder Scrolls morals

This was bound to happen a while before official release, but now somebody has put this out in the open for all to see. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim doesn’t release until November 11, but somebody has just uploaded the first 25 minutes from the game.

With just under two weeks to go, you can imagine that Bethesda are not going to be too happy about this, as they have already started to remove the videos that are appearing on YouTube. The video is still available to view online thanks to a DailyMotion upload, but the question is – Will you be tempted to watch it?

Usually with a standard ‘first 15 minutes’ gameplay leak that we have become used to seeing, gamers would click the link at the first opportunity to see a preview before buying it, but since this is a new Elder Scrolls game, it almost seems criminal to do so here with Skyrim.

We admit we’ve clicked the link for about 10 seconds only to check if the footage is real and considering that Bethesda are now on the warpath removing access to the video from YouTube, you can bet that this is the real deal here. We’re guessing that somebody has uploaded footage from a review copy of the game, which obviously they are strictly told not to do – they can kiss goodbye to further pre-release Bethesda games if the company find out who has leaked it.

What we are more interested about though, is the fact that the leak calls your Elder Scrolls morals into question. Have you already watched the first 25 minutes of Skyrim as you don’t care about spoilers, or are you like the many and just refuse to watch it until the full game hits on 11.11.11 – There’s going to be a good divide here for sure, so we can’t wait to see your replies on this.



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