Some Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 online passes not working, solution offered

By Gary Johnson - Oct 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 has been available now for a few days and has been pretty well received by most that have got it so far. There were a few problems with the games servers going down, but the title has sold really well. Now we have reports that some Battlefield 3 online passes are not working, and a solution has been offered.

The use of online passes has grown a great deal in recent times as developers look to stem losses from consumers buying used games. Purchasers of used games will then have to spend $10 if they want to play the game online, which according to the reviews of Battlefield 3 is the best part.

According Gameranx many Xbox 360 owners who have gone out and bought a new copy of Battlefield 3 have found the online code not working. The problem has reportedly occurred because many retailers had received copies of the game with invalid codes. This obviously leaves gamers not able to get access to the best part of Battlefield 3.

EA have now got involved and have basically told customers to go back to the retailer they purchased the game and get a new online pass code. Trouble is what do owners do if they purchased the game online, or if the retailer in question has no replacement codes left? Hopefully EA will have a different solution soon, but it will be frustrating for owners trying to get online with no luck.

Did your online code work for Battlefield 3?

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  • Nibber

    How can you launch a new game like this and not be able to play online? cannot now even connect to the servers,EA you are a disgrace!, bring on the Call of Duty.