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Google TV Oct update: Download time considered

Google TV is just over a year old now, and has not got the attention that the company had hoped. There are a number of reasons for this, but needless to say Google will not stop until they make a success of it. We can now tell you that the Google TV Oct update is almost here, so it’s now just waiting for the download time, which should be sometime tomorrow.

According to Information Week, the software update will bring with it a host of changes, such as making the interface simpler to use, YouTube integration, and most importantly, support for their Android app. You cannot say that Google are not trying, but we cannot be certain if these updates are enough to make us want to choose Google TV over other alternatives.

The software update will be coming to both Logitech and Sony Google TV devices. The Android app that we mentioned above is called “TV & Movies”, this app makes it easier for the user who don’t know what they are searching for. This might not sound a huge deal, but this could be the start of something big, as the idea of Android apps running on these devices is very significant.

This Google TV software update needs to be well received, as this is considered its last chance. We cannot be certain what the future holds for this year-old service, but the idea of an Apple branded TV will surely be something to fear?



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