Sonic Generations most anticipated title in its history

SEGA announced today that their upcoming console game, Sonic Generations has become the most anticipated Sonic title in its 20 years history. The news was confirmed by Alan Pritchard, Marketing Executive at the company, who revealed the platform game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, has received a lot of pre-orders.

The game is set for release on November 1st in the US and the 4th in UK and marks the 20th anniversary of the super-sonic blue hedgehog that has become such an icon in the games industry. Pritchard said ‘Sonic Generations is the ultimate title to cap off Sonic’s 20th anniversary.’ He then went on to explain that their aim for this title was for it to become the best game ‘that Sonic fans, old and new, have been waiting for.’

Although there hasn’t been any official figures released in regards to the pre-orders, as PSU explains, this news seems to suggest that the company has achieved their goal in terms of making Sonic Generations the most anticipated Sonic title in its history. There is no doubt that many gamers will wanting the game, especially so near to Christmas as Sonic represents a lot of gamers’ childhoods and would bring back fond memories.

For those that are unfamiliar with the upcoming game, it uses the classic 2D views that we are used to and combines them with 3D views so as to appeal to the old and new players of the game. Even the same sound effects are used when collecting the infamous coins, a sound I certainly could never forget. A glimpse of what you can expect from it can be found in the trailer below. In the meantime you can also checkout the demo of the game which is available on consoles now. Are you glad to see Sonic back?



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