MW3 Proficiency Skills: Paradise for noobs with Faster knife kills?

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2011

Earlier on this week we revealed a new Modern Warfare 3 video to you which showed you some of the new strike packages and killstreaks that are available in the game, but now Activision has released another gameplay video, this time focusing on weapon unlocks and the new proficiency system.

In another of their attempts to keep the game fresh and exciting for users, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer games have added the weapon proficiency system to the game, which allows players to level up their weapons with specific abilities, and not just with attachments as seen in previous COD games.

These proficiency for weapons can include things like less kickback when firing, more bullet damage, reduced sway when you’re firing, less flinching when you take damage and more. There are also unique proficiency skills depending on which weapon class you are using, like assault, SMG or snipers for example. However, we’ve discovered that using the SMG class will allow to unlock a skill giving you faster knife kills, and it looks like this is MW3’s version of the ballistic knife from Black Ops which allowed for faster knife attacks.

To sum up these weapon proficiencies in simpler terms, it basically looks like these are added perks for weapons, aside from your main perks that you’ll be choosing as part of your loadout. Considering that the SMG weapons are very popular in online multiplayer though, we have a feeling that it is going to be a very frustrating experience for those who haven’t unlocked the faster knife proficiency skill, as we’re likely to see groups of players just taking advantage of the faster knife ability and choosing to knife all game. It happened in Black Ops with the ballistic knife, especially on Gun Game, and we’re sure it will happen here again.

Modern Warfare 2 had a similar experience with the Commando perk which allowed for knife attacks from miles away, and it came in for a lot of criticism from gamers who thought it was too unrealistic. Check out the video below and see what other proficiencies you’ll be able to unlock in Modern Warfare 3.

If you experienced ‘knife heroes’ in Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, give us your thoughts on this knowing that the skill will return in MW3. Does it frustrate you when people run around the map knifing or do you just find ways to kill them?

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  • Aef

    mw3 has tactical knife too

  • Roberttko

    Just bring it

  • Aaron

    If people want to run around and knife, then that’s ok with me. The “knifers” rarely go 30-5 anyway. I have more of a problem with putting 3 or 4 bullets in a guy only to have him lunge through them to knife me. You flinch when you’re shot while holding a gun, shouldn’t you flinch while holding a knife too? It’s not a big complaint of mine, but it can be frustrating sometimes. 

  • Not at all, faster knifing does not mean longer ange.

  • BCR

    I’m not a knifer but I don’t see the problem with it. It takes skill to get kills that way. It’s just a different way of playing the game. If you can’t kill them with a gun that obviously says something about the way you play. I like the variety of players in cod. Why would you want everyone using the same perks and guns? That’s the best thing about cod, that there are so many ways to customise to your game type. You have to adapt to all types of player, snipers, rushers, campers.

  • J4ME5

    Faster knifing is no problem (and if it is it’s gonna be nerfed). You lose the ability to add 2 attachments or improve distance or reduce recoil, so it’s fair: choosing faster melee is less overpowered than 2 attachments. I’m a “knife hero”, and that can easily be countered with a shotgun, claymore, grenade, or simply by shooting me (by having good environment awareness). A knifer only has the advantage in close quarters combat. In short, medium and long range, someone with a gun has the advantage. Also everyone in the game has a knife, it makes things more fair if you run out of bullets. A good player can kill a knifer, sniper, assault gunner, shotgunner, etc… he understands that not everybody is gonna play like he does/wants and ADAPTS.

  • Gmafz7

    Weapon proficiency that’s from Borderlands! Also that stuff about unlocking more stuff for your favorite weapon sounds more like Battlefield?

    • Fox Hound

       What? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man. This is the same as unlocking attatchments for your gun just a different way with more stuff, CoD has had that system since CoD4, if anyone copied it (they didnt) then it was battlefield, not cod.

  • CallOfDutyIsGettingOld

    ya im gunna have to say pass, sayin that knifing is for babys, all cod is, is a quick thrown together mw2 with some added cheezy retarded noob bull crap when none of you call of duty fans like Battlefield because you cant do cheezy moves like no scope 360, like thats for babys who cant actually aim, and killstreaks, what is that you got 11 kills in a row ooooooohhhhhh im so scared oh wait the baby who thinks he has alot of skills has now got control of a heli, HAHAHAHA i can do that from square one and X4 your 11 kills with my little helicopter tricks and ACTUALLY skills 😀

    • Fox Hound

       Clearly basic English is also for “babys”. And no, helicoptors on BF don’t take skill, you get in one and hover over an objective or spawn and spawn kill, as per bc2, bf:v and bf2. Sounds to me like you’re the butthurt baby lol.

    • that random guy

      wow…. you really are sad if you take your time out to rant on random sites. Also learn how to use punctuation.

  • :)

    I think you mean the ballistic knife in COD:Black Ops. COD:MW2 had the tactical knife on the pistols.

    • Anonymous

      Updated, thanks