EA enjoys games chart dominance with Battlefield 3, FIFA 12 sales

By Chris Cook - Oct 28, 2011

Electronic Arts is responsible for the two best-selling games of the year so far with their titles FIFA 12 and Battlefield 3, an achievement that the company can be very proud of. Between them both games have managed to shift more than 15 million copies in less than a month. Battlefield 3 has only been available since Tuesday but has already shipped more than 10 million copies, while FIFA 12 has been available a little longer and has just reached the 5 million mark.

During an earnings call, John Riccitiello, EA’s CEO was quoted as saying DICE’s FPS ‘is off to a fantastic start on sales and quality.’ According to reports, despite selling 10 million copies so far, the company is already receiving reorders. Riccitiello went on to say the company ‘couldn’t be happier with the launch of Battlefield 3’ explaining that the marketing and PR it had is the one of the reasons it has been so successful.

On the other hand FIFA 12 has also been enjoying great success not just in sales. Peter Moore a Chief Operating Officer revealed the game ‘is doing unprecedented levels of online engagement.’ According to the report at Seeking Alpha the EA has ‘hosted more than 271 million online games’ within the first four weeks of the game’s launch. He also added that FIFA 12 is ‘the best reviewed sports game of this current console generation.’

In FIFA 12’s first week of availability it sold 3.2 million copies which made it the biggest launch of the year and the most successful launch of a sports game ever. Earlier this week Battlefield 3 became available and has already surpassed that total meaning that it is now the biggest launch of the year. Despite this analysts still believe that Modern Warfare 3 will double the amount of copies sold. Do you agree? Do you think of these two games from EA deserve their success?

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  • The Battlefield series is the best, the COD series is dead, it reminds me of what they do with the NFL Madden series, pump a new one out every year with some minor tweaks…the diehards will eat it up but if you want a really immersive combat game, BF3 is it

    • Cookie

      I totally agree! Although im a little miffed as got to level 10 pf campaign on hard and then suddenly it sys the data is damaged?! I could cry.. only 2 more levels and i wouldve been done! Has anyone else experienced this?? sorry writting from smartphone… spelling attrocious